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More my photo bitly. I guess a lot of you still find it difficult to come out and let the world know you are a T. Girl as that of course usually infers one goes with men or indulges in pervy tranny sex with likeminded individuals.

I can understand why especially in certain rougher neibourhoods but I still feel it's a bit sad as for the most part our world is not such a hostile place any more. Society and it's standards is a lot more fragmented and open these days and what is right and wrong is no longer just black and white and one no longer needs to be thought of as being totally straight or gay all the time. Of course sexuality is never discussed in public and is still secret so girls like Jojo who are proud to be out and have a varied and colourful outlook are still a bit shocking.

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But a lot of regular couples do have anal sex these days and no doubt many a partner closes a blind eye to what the other half get up to if it will save the marriage. Yes there are still a few people who ignore me and even walk on the other side of the road but that is about as bad as it goes, however most are usually a bit older and shielded and unwilling to change their views and of course there are those Church people and other groups too who don't do any kind of naughtiness or sin.

But I don't bother them so why should they have to bother about what I do. There are different ways to look at things and you just have to look at what we humans are doing to ruin this lovely planet and I would probably be doing more real damage having babies or going out for a drive in my car.

I certainly don't feel like a man any more and yes as the conversation goes perhaps I am that wicked girl with that something extra which when it suits me I can wave like a wand to make a statement.

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Living and breathing as one I might belong in the female camp but I feel I am just an inbetween hovering between the two normal sexes. Of course there is nothing new about transsexuals as they have been around for thousands of years but in our time at least now they have a special place in society.

Because there is not so much stigma attached to sexuality people are much more fluid and whether it is talked about or not some couples have an arrangement as they have a bisexual parter, and of course anal sex and fetishism is no longer the preserve of the gay and the adventurous.

I see us trans girls as something to be celebrated a beautiful feminine visible bridge, an easy crossing that connects the gay and straight community with hopefully a degree of elegance and meaning.

See more photos and videos with beautiful girls in my blog. Check my intim photo if your interested in me and let's start chatting: dtngsx. Sex Dating Site fuckw-omens. I am looking for a man for a serious relationship, if interested write annadream gmail. I got some ideas to start a tag game and I always see youtube beauty gurus do this and I feel like it would be really fun to do one each month!

Basically all you do is say what you liked or enjoyed this month, such as your favorite dolls of the month, tv shows, music, movies, books, products, food, anything you like! Feel free to add anything you like! It's your choice, I'm hoping to do this with everyone every month. For some reason today I keep looking at this picture of myself from in which I completely missed getting into a pose for the camera.

I was using the self timer but was caught in the moment of realising I had painted my nails I love to do this as it is a rare event for me. I was also thrilled to see the mascara on my eyelashes as I love wearing mascara.

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It is not a great photo but it set free a lot of thoughts seeing it once more. As a young man I use to question my sexuality and was troubled by my feelings. The problem I had was I had a powerful desire to dress up as a girl.

authoritative message :)

The issue had the complication that when I was cross-dressed and attempting to look female I found I wanted to act as if I really was a female. This meant I enjoyed trying to see if I could attract men and I wanted them to desire me as a female. Sounds straightforward?

For many years I wrestled with this as despite my desire to try and appear as a female men may be attracted to, and I admit I love the idea of being the girl and enjoy acting in the role of a woman, at my core I am not attracted to men at all! This conundrum used to incapacitate me emotionally for weeks at a time and I genuinely found it difficult to carry on in my normal life as a man.

I have deeply considered if I am homosexual and I conclude now that I am not yet I am keen on pretending I am woman and enjoy acting as a woman would with men albeit without any physical intimacy. Another factor I wrestle with comes down to my lack of confidence and self belief. I do desire to pass convincingly as a woman but, for me personally, I completely fail in my aspirations, I feel I always look so obviously a man dressed up as a woman. Having admitted how I feel about my attempts at female illusion I still find myself trying to act the part of a woman as convincingly as I possibly can.

One ct of my life I am greatly disappointed about and truly regret is as a teenager I secretly had the desire to be an entertainer and loved the idea of being a female impersonator.

Opinion you extreme teen anal dp was and with

Part of that was, at the time, a way of freeing my inner desire to dress up as a girl. I really wanted a career as an actor that played transgender roles or in comedy playing a transvestite roles. I would have loved doing that job for a living butbutI am weak, shallow individual and my fear of others ridiculing my dream meant I took the easier and duller route of suppressing my feelings and just trying to be a boy and conforming to what society expected.

I can vividly recall as a teenager washing my hair and blow drying it into a girls style then putting on make-up. I recall the tactile sensation of lipstick on my lips and the sheer excitement of coating my eyelashes in mascara, to then put on knickers and a bra, slip into a dress and step into high heels absolute heaven! Seeing myself in a long mirror dressed as a girl had a powerful emotional impact and an experience that at first was euphoric, then caused me great distress followed by self disgust.

What happened after seeing myself in the mirror dressed as a girl was I found myself being sexually aroused and had to masturbate, the moment was incredible. However, minutes after masturbating I began to cry and could not stop, I had lost control completely. My mascara was running down my face and the sight of this gripped my heart and made me realise I was never ever going to be able to be a girl, I was stuck and my life was to be that of a man.

I had dreamt of boys wanting to go out with me and I could be a girlfriend yet deep down I was repulsed by the notion and this led to the disgust with myself. I was distraught for many days afterwards yet that memory of being dressed in girls clothes, having changed my hair style and of wearing make-up and then seeing my mascara running down my tearful face would not diminish. What did it all mean? I had no idea. What happened was I became withdrawn and rarely socialised, at school and college I would keep to myself and every day I would question myself and about my feelings and tell myself I must be homosexual because of my actions yet I was definitely attracted to girls not boys.

What troubled me a lot was when I was dressed as a girl I really liked being one and liked being a girl with the boys but was avoiding intimacy. I began to wonder why as I grew older, part of me thought it was because I had no desire for anal sex with a man, could that be why I hung back? I could not have sex as a woman with a man because I was a man, I would then feel a bit queasy just thinking of that.

For years I though I must be a closeted homosexual as why else would I desire to dress up and act like a girl and try to do so as if I really was one? Eventually, my lack of confidence in my ability to actually look convincing s a female became so strong I suppressed my urge to cross-dress for over twenty years. I have to say throughout those two decades the desire to dress as a woman never diminished, I used to think of it almost every day and I would, no point in denying this, envy women when I saw them, I was desperate to be a woman or was I?

Again, another issue was ever present. I know I get a real thrill and enjoy the fact that I am a man dressing up as a woman, I really love that and it also sets free the suppressed actor I wish I had been and even though I now always dress up as a woman in private, it gives me an opportunity to perform, to be that female impersonator.

Part of me is greatly attracted to the performance cts and I do enjoy the whole transformation from male to female and love all the physical preparation, make-up, wigs and dresses, it is incredibly good fun and liberating and yet, another part of me wants it to be real, part of me wants to be a woman.

I then get into a whole circle that goes around and around of am I transsexual? Am I deluding myself? I do enjoy the notion of illusion and presenting an image that is very different to my normal gender. I can still get very aroused sexually by cross-dressing and I still love the idea of acting as a woman alongside a man and carrying the role off well enough to be able to maybe kiss a man and hold his hand and really try and be a female companion alongside him, but it is purely performance.

A variation on the way straight actors can play gay roles. I do know now that I am in my mid fifties that I am an heterosexual male as I am not attracted to men but I like the idea I can dress up as a woman and pretend I am as it makes my female performance more convincing. Maybe it is all a delusion and I am rationalising things in a way that makes it acceptable to me. I can recall I once hired a professional make-up artist to transform me into a woman back in as I was keen to learn how to apply make-up properly for my facial features and skin colouring.

He told me I did look like a woman but it was obvious I was a man. When I asked why he said I was still acting like a man and I needed to modify my thinking and physicality to become a woman if the illusion was to work. As you can imagine this ignited the frustrated actor within me and I try to achieve this each time I dress up as a female.

While a part of me, what I call my transsexual part, feels elation at taking on the appearance of a woman well trying to take on the appearance another part of me enjoys the adventure of it all, the daring of being a man and completely throwing all of that to one side and trying to become feminine.

I do always feel sheer delight when I completely make myself over into my female alter-ego and I do experience that wish that I could stay a woman forever yet I know that within a few hours that feeling will diminish and I will be content to become my male self once more. I thrive on the memories of my cross-dressing sessions and the anticipation of the next one. These days I am lucky to manage two occasions a year so they are very precious to me and give me a some relief for the part of me that fervently wishes I was a woman not a man butI am a manthe circle begins once more.

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My First Date by Aleesya Jasmine. The new new - WEAR A FACE MASK! vaginalrejuvenation femme teenmom," the post read. The nurse posted on her own Instagram page more pics of her with Abraham as well as a video explaining the procedure to her. As a result, women experience a dramatic increase in tightness and sexual satisfaction. This treatment also helps eliminate stress incontinence, a common issue for women who have given birth.

teenmom femininerejuvenation bhrcbabe. She has had two b oob jobs over the years and got a nose job and chin implants in More than two years ago, she got lip injections -which did not go well. Don't blame me if you lost your lunch, you're feeling a bit hollow, or you couldn't sleep last night. To hardcore gorehounds : I'm not a fan of real-world gore - though there are movies here that contain it.

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If the films on this list are too weak for you, I'd suggest upgrading to specialist sites that cater to your interests. Good luck, I guess.

Opinion extreme teen anal dp understand you. something

To kids : I feel obliged to state that my list is not suitable for anyone under Ultimately, however, it's not my job to watch what you do on the internet or keep you away from extreme films. IMDb is already full of suggestions.

apologise, but, opinion

I talk about mature stuff in my comments because I'm talking to an audience for extreme cinema. If you're old enough to watch all of these movies legally, you're old enough to read what I have to say about them and their contents.

A NOTE ABOUT TOY STORY In multiple places on my list, you'll find duplicates of Toy Story. Toy Story is a placeholder for films that aren't on IMDb yet. The real title of the film is in the comment. Love, Elliott.

are mistaken

Two professional thieves break into a house in search of a safe, only to discover a man beaten beyond recognition, tied down to torn mattress in a hidden room. They decide to help, only to See full summary. Director: Scott W.

McKinlay Stars: Brian KolodziejGerald EmerickVince MarinelliScott W. Votes: I wasn't able to comply. I chose this garbage to be first on my list because the first film's cover image becomes the thumbnail for the list. No matter how bad the movie itself is, the cover looks undeniably grim. R 99 min Horror.

consider, that you

A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity.

Director: Pascal Laugier Stars: Morjana AlaouiMylene JampanoiCatherine BeginRobert Toupin. Votes: 87, The first half, with its tense action sequences, effective jump-scares and scintillating plot twist, is a masterclass in blood-soaked horror done right.

All too soon, however, the home invasion segment is over and we're left with a much weaker second half that amounts to little more than an extended torture sequence. Don't overthink the film's final minutes. There's no substantial underlying meaning or commentary; just enough ambiguity to make you think there could be. Not Rated min Action, Comedy, Horror. In future Tokyo, a young woman in the privatized police force tracks down her father's killer while battling against mutant rebels known as engineers.

Director: Yoshihiro Nishimura Stars: Eihi ShiinaItsuji ItaoYukihide BennyJiji Bu. Votes: 11, The violence is utterly insane, both in terms of its OTT unrealism and the sheer gratuitousness of it.

The heavily-stylised read: completely unrealistic gore shouldn't upset most people too much but it's still a film best enjoyed with friends. Four random people two sisters and a married couple volunteer to participate in a mysterious game for a chance to win 10 million yen. They have to take turns torturing their fellow players until only one is left. Director: Daisuke Yamanouchi Stars: Hiroshi KitasenjuSheena NagamoriMayumi OokawaYuuki Tsukamoto.

interesting. Prompt

Votes: 1, Three girls and a guy assemble in a nondescript room for some backalley game show, which is best described as Truth Or Dare without the Truth. As you could probably guess, the gender setup means that Red Room quickly degenerates into a series of grim sex acts. Some nasty ideas poorly executed. Another four average citizens play the 'King Game', for a chance to win big money. They torture each other in increasingly horrific ways as per the games rules. Director: Daisuke Yamanouchi Stars: Miyuki KatoYukio KokagoSalmon SakeyamaYuka Takahashi.

I skipped through a lot of it. Some gruesome bits and pieces if you can be bothered. R min Action, Crime, Drama. After awakening from a four-year coma, a former assassin wreaks vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed her. Director: Quentin Tarantino Stars: Uma ThurmanDavid CarradineDaryl HannahMichael Madsen.

The violence is all very stylised so it's hard to see anyone struggling too much with the content but if you look at the last half hour objectively, it's pretty savage.

Extreme teen anal dp

Very good film. R min Action, Crime, Thriller. The Bride continues her quest of vengeance against her former boss and lover Bill, the reclusive bouncer Budd, and the treacherous, one-eyed Elle. Director: Quentin Tarantino Stars: Uma ThurmanDavid CarradineMichael MadsenDaryl Hannah.

Juxtaposing the respective body counts of the two films illustrates the lack of balance perfectly: the first racked up an impressive 95 whereas the second totals only 3. There's a pretty significant dearth of death here. That scene with the eyeball just about allows this film to scrape its way onto my list. R 82 min Horror.

Four months after the death of her husband, a woman on the brink of motherhood is tormented in her home by a strange woman who wants her unborn baby. Directors: Alexandre BustilloJulien Maury Stars: Alysson ParadisJean-Baptiste TabourinClaude LuleDominique Frot. Votes: 38, Unlike Martyrs, Inside is not very good.

Inside's lack of depth, obvious plot holes and exceptionally implausible nature will ruin it for many. The only real selling point here is gore, which it offers in buckets. If you think Inside is worth your while, do yourself a favour: as soon as the pregnant woman starts screaming, mute the film. Your teeth and your sanity will thank me. NC min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. An aging porn star agrees to participate in an "art film" in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.

Director: Srdjan Spasojevic Stars: Srdjan 'Zika' TodorovicSergej TrifunovicJelena GavrilovicSlobodan Bestic. Votes: 60, Relative to some of the other titles on this list, its content isn't actually all that bad but it has a reputation that precedes it. Cutting through all the controversy, there's a decent horror film underneath.

A Serbian Film is a metaphor for recent Serbian affairs in the same way that being kicked in the shin is a metaphor for having your face shattered i. it isn't really. That's a debate for another day though. R min Crime, Thriller. An exploration of the dark and miserable Basin City and three of its residents, all of whom are caught up in violent corruption.

Directors: Frank MillerQuentin TarantinoRobert Rodriguez Stars: Mickey RourkeClive OwenBruce WillisJessica Alba.

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The gritty story of crime and corruption is perfect in its elegant simplicity and universally strong performances from an all-star ensemble make it utterly gripping. The "monochrome with accents" aesthetic is immediately striking but ultimately only serves to enhance an amazing film.

Sin City is comfortably in my all-time top Some of Sin City's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants. Directors: Frank MillerRobert Rodriguez Stars: Mickey RourkeJessica AlbaJosh BrolinJoseph Gordon-Levitt.

After nearly a decade of anticipation and built-up expectations, a sequel to Sin City had a lot to live up to. A Dame to Kill For is good but it's not in the same league as its predecessor. The stylish violence is still here and the story is reasonably strong but something indefinable is missing.

R 94 min Horror. Three backpackers head to a Slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them. Director: Eli Roth Stars: Jay HernandezDerek RichardsonEythor GudjonssonBarbara Nedeljakova.

Torture porn is really just a media myth though. Films have been cashing in on audiences' bloodlust since the beginning of time or the beginning of films anyway. Back in those days, we called it "exploitation". Now, tell me how that's significantly different to the "torture porn" of today. Juvenile torture porn epithet aside, Eli Roth takes a disturbing concept and makes a tense horror film out of it. Roth has never bettered Hostel and, looking at his more recent work, probably never will.

Slovakians were less than impressed by Hostel's portrayal of their country as a third world hellhole where corruption is rife and humans are legitimate sport. I can't say I blame them.

Understood extreme teen anal dp think

To this day, my mum still says "oh no, you don't want to go there" whenever anyone brings up Eastern Europe. R 94 min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Three American college students studying abroad are lured to a Slovakian hostel, and discover the grim reality behind it.

Director: Eli Roth Stars: Lauren GermanHeather MatarazzoBijou PhillipsRoger Bart. I last watched it a couple of years ago and remember almost nothing about it. The only scene that I have any recollection of involves a scythe and a bathtub.

R 88 min Horror. Four men attending a bachelor party in Las Vegas fall prey to the Elite Hunting Club, who are hosting a gruesome game show of torture. Director: Scott Spiegel Stars: Kip PardueBrian HallisayJohn HensleySarah Habel. Votes: 30, It's not great but it's better than its IMDb rating of 4 would have you believe. Yeah, there are plenty of plot holes and continuity errors and a game that makes absolutely no sense but I genuinely enjoyed it more than the second film because of its attempt to break out of a formulaic rut.

Not Rated 97 min Crime, Drama, Mystery.

By Denise Nakano Published on August 27, at pm. A scandal involving a Reading priest is thrust into the headlines and it allegedly involves sex, lies, and videotape. A Muhlenberg We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow kokaneebeach.com more Welcome to the home of the sick and land of the depraved.I aim to assemble a complete list of the sickest, nastiest, bloodiest, goriest, most brutal, violent, disturbing, disgusting and plain ol' extreme films ever made: everything from films that make you question your very existence to

Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in the underpass. Director: Gaspar Noe Stars: Monica BellucciVincent CasselAlbert DupontelJo Prestia.

I've never felt more apprehensive watching a movie.

Although the opening 30 minutes are undoubtedly stunning, Irreversible is far from flawless. Gaspar Noe took a great concept and converted it into a merely good film. Irreversible is a sententious work that sinks a little under the weight of its artistic pretence. The film gets progressively more tedious in its final half and I feel that considerable cuts could've been made without diluting the message.

topic simply matchless

Despite Irreversible's honest arthouse intent, the fire extinguisher skull-crushing and the long anal rape scene put Irreversible firmly on the radar of gorehounds and perverts everywhere. I've actually found the rape scene uploaded to porn sites before. That's not what Noe had in mind but you have to think that he was somewhat naive if he didn't see it coming.

Fun fact: the horrifying soundtrack to the club scene, composed by one half of Daft Punk, was intentionally designed to evoke sensations of nausea and panic using psychoacoustic wizardry basically a low-frequency drone.

This ct of Irreversible was responsible for more audience walk-outs at festival screenings of the film than any other.

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Another fun fact is that the guy who can be seen masturbating prominently in the background of the fire extinguisher scene is none other than Noe himself. Instead of raising his arms into a guarded position, he just lays there as if to say "please, sir, can I have some more?

Not Rated min Comedy, Horror. A chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty. Directors: Kaare AndrewsAngela BettisHelene CattetErnesto Diaz EspinozaJason EisenerBruno ForzaniAdrian Garcia BoglianoXavier GensJorge Michel GrauLee HardcastleNoboru IguchiThomas Cappelen MallingAnders MorgenthalerYoshihiro NishimuraBanjong PisanthanakunSimon RumleyMarcel SarmientoJon SchneppSrdjan SpasojevicTimo TjahjantoAndrew TrauckiNacho VigalondoJake WestTi WestBen WheatleyAdam Wingar Yudai Yamaguchi Stars: Ingrid Bolso BerdalIvan GonzalezKyra ZagorskyLucy Clements.

Each segment was created by a different small-time horror director with a wide geographical spread. The directors were each assigned a letter of the alphabet and told to come up with a title for their short film beginning with their assigned letter e.

Theme, extreme teen anal dp agree with

The ABCs of Death showcases an interesting concept but unfortunately lacks some much-needed quality control. The end result is a collection of shorts that range from tame to gruesome and from drivel to insightful.

The one that really sticks out in my mind is "X is for XXL". Another chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty. Directors: Rodney AscherJulian BarrattRobert BoocheckAlejandro BruguesKristina BuozyteAlexandre BustilloLarry FessendenJulian GilbeyJim HoskingLancelot Oduwa ImasuenE. KatzAharon KeshalesSteven KostanskiMarvin KrenJuan Martinez MorenoErik MattiWolfgang MatzlJulien MauryRobert MorganChris NashVincenzo NataliHajime OhataNavot PapushadoBill PlymptonDennison RamalhoTodd RohalJerome SableBruno SamperJen SoskaSylvia SoskaSoichi Umezawa Stars: Eric JacobusAndy NymanSimon BarrettTeela LaRoux.

Probably the single most gruesome film I saw last year. It follows the format introduced by its predecessor but the overall quality is a lot higher. They cut down on the surreal shorts this time round and put more of an emphasis on gore and black humour.

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