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If they ain't worthy of your time walk away from them. But don't judge. I think she meant Dark Web or Dark Net, check my response. If you ever used TOR then you'd be able to access content in the Dark Web, it's where the internet black market is.

JudgmentDay I'm using a VPN service already, that i rent.

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I can access the entire web for now. it?s only "dark" cause your is mostly safe on there, unless you do crime, then it?s a gamble and the FBI can actually get you if you?re unlucky.

Man yet another person trying to offer an improved explanation and getting it wrong. So it is "visible" if you have the exact link. torand thus not indexed by search engines but could be indexed by search engines if the search engine was on that particular network. Has nothing to do with IOT, jfc.

frozenhorizon dude your definition of "accessible" is totally bullshit.

deep web isn?t always "accessible" it can also be encrypted or run on protocols that are not used by standard browsers. so by that definition of "accessible", the dark web is as "inaccessible" as the deep web, cause it runs on a different protocol. there are search engines that do run an index of onion sites but like google, they both don?t index the "entirety" of the web you can reach by using ip adresses or isp adresses. it?s just a different protocol. by the way even google chrome supports onion links via plugins nowadays.

so the tor network couldn?t be further from "inaccessible". however the deep web is largely "inaccessible", cause you don?t have the passwords to get into it or you can?t resolve the internet of things communications code and by that it is "inaccessible" to the general public unlike those tor links that everybody can open using tor browser or a puny chrome plugin.

I'm just saying you explained the deep web as communications between internet of things devices which it isn't.

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frozenhorizon it is among other things. however it?s usually protected by passwords or the gibberish that?s on there won?t tell you anything or if it does, it?s mundane shit that you don?t care for. but you know an opinion can only have so many characters so i had to leave something out xD. Like everything else, internet also has a dark side that not everybody can reach.

So just don't try to reach there just because you are curious. Share Facebook. Deep Web: The Forbidden Area of the Internet! Add Opinion. There is the deep web and the "deeper" dark web. The internet is just one of the networks that comprises the world wide web. An outdated, but still useful network is Usenet, which is accessible with a newsgroup reader, and contains text newsgroups, as well as binary newsgroups.

As you mention, there are the sites on the hidden wiki, accessibly by the onion router software called Tor. There is also another network that is accessible with specialist software, but in case people do not know it, I will attempt to keep it that way, as it is potentially more dangerous that onion sites. There are, of course, private networks accessible only by the commercial enterprises that use them.

They run alongside the Virtual Private Networks VPN's that we can all use. Show All Show Less. goaded Do not mention that here! Been there, saw a woman getting scalped.

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Fun times. I need help. Regretted going the minute I figured out what I was looking at. bekkesmash That shit was live.

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mamamai Silver lining, I'm desensitized to most things now. Yeah, I guess that helps in some ways but I like caring about people. JudgmentDay Guru. the dark web is more visible. and can be reached using normal browsers. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion?

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Maik Yoda. What you're talking about is actually the dark web. All "deep web" means are the content of databases and other web services that for one reason or another cannot be indexed by conventional search engines.

So basically even private facebook profiles count as "deep web". Dark web however is where a lot of the illegal things you were talking about happens. Dark web is basically a part of the internet that can only be accessed through specific software like the Tor browser for example.

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meowcow Yoda. The only reason to avoid it is if you don't understand it.

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The deep web is home to virtually everything. If you are living in a dictatorship country and you want to protest or avoid prosecution, the deep web is the place to go for support. If you simply don't trust gov't organizations to protect your privacy, the deep web is the place to go.

You will only find something bad if you make the effort to seek it. JGodwin Xper 3. You have to secure all of your personal data. If someone get your IP address they can really fuck with your computer, steal passwords, send viruses, etc.

I've already visited it. You need thor browser as an example. Then you get the address as an example 'hidden wiki' which has addresses that ends on. It's not really dangerous unless of course if we're talking about viruses or malware, ready your anti-virus. Just don't actually go to the sites and do transactions. Telling people "Don't try it" is a guaranteed way to make sure people try something.

Any half-ass psychologist will tell you that. Hahahaha maybe that's what l'm trying to do. J-Rock Xper 4. haahaha, yeah right. I've been online since and I've seen it all. There is no super-secret website. The "deep" web they are talking about are just invite only websites and what not. There are no people ready to kill you at the blink of an eye. She was actually mistaken the dark web is where all the bad stuff is.

bekkesmash Xper 5. Yeah, get TOR, then all the kiddie porn, drugs, weapons and hit men are available to you.

Me! filipino anal teenie speaking

My friend use to order drugs off silkroad on the deep web. It's the dark web, not deep web. It's called either, they are the same thing. Mr-Kabuki Explorer.

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