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According to the CDC, 65 percent of black infants were breast-fed compared to 80 percent of Mexican American and 79 percent of white infants in and About 55 percent of study participants reported experiencing discrimination at work, according to a July BWHS newsletter. children everywhere need to be taught healthy eating habits. Cities must clean up parks and quash violence to encourage physical activity.

And urban planners should design more walker-friendly neighborhoods. This program aired on November 29, The audio for this program is not available. I have rarely seen an unattractive black woman.

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But there are PLENTY of unattractive white women. And we DO envy your butts. I mean, for all we know, they could have been all asian men? For it to be a real study, it needs to spend almost equal time on who was interviewed, along with a disclaimer.

Also, I agree that beauty is subjective, not objective and that was not clear on the study either. it almost reminds me of the things the Nazis told to their population in order to manipulate their thinking about other races. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but when does it cross the line? As new generations are born, speaking about Darwin, each generation is better than the last. Therefore, when you look at us, we are the accumulation of all the best physical characteristics of generations past.

Then there was some discussion about how mothers pick their baby-daddies. It was a pretty awesome lecture, aka history is shown on our faces.

May your blog be forever successful, and may I see your beautiful physique on my TV some day soon! Awww, why thank you! And, might I add, this is FAR better than that tripe you originally left on my blog. So glad to see that your parents actually taught you things like guilt, shame, and respect since they clearly failed to teach you critical thinking.

and using bogus facial measurements and small-sample group testing WITHOUT a control is not quantifiable science! This study should have included me, I would have totally skewed their data! First of all - kokaneebeach.com is an absolute joke.

This study has been disproved. He falsified data, was stripped of his job and acalades as he should be for pushing this propaganda. The issue is the first article makes first page news. The debunking makes page You cannot separate social economic standing, lack of access to proper diet, skin and hair care. It is also impossible to ignore negative media portrayals as a factor. Why do you think so many Asians are considered attractive despite their lack of facial symmetry ears that stick out, small eyes, flat wide nose, round flat face and lack of feminine curves?

Really think the submissive hypersexual image has nothing to do with it? This man is obviously trying to push his racist BS. This whole study is just a passive aggressive outlet to express inferiority complex of Asian men to Black men as it pertains to attractiveness. We can respectfully and intellectually challenge idiocy that tarnishes the good name and work of science. If you think silence suits you, then so be it. It does not suit me, though, and I intend to act accordingly.

Criminals believe they dont have to comply with society because they think they are too cool and so they are hated because they have a negative effect on others. Black girls may think white girls are submissive, but most are beloved by all and have good lives because of it.

Fighting society does you more harm than good, black girls embrace your american background not just your african american background, we are stronger when our cultures are combined. You must forgive to progress; but dont forget the injustices to avoid a repeat of these injustices.

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We must look at things from a black and white perspective to find truth. Investigate before you make snap judgements about things, and people, make informed conclusions. Actually, no. Countless subcommunities exist within American society, and they go on wholly and completely unbothered. People do what they have to do until they have to or want to do something different.

This Overweight Woman Walks Around For The First Time In 9 Years

You want to shoehorn black girls into the same problems of subversiveness that we do white ones? Or do you want them to live their lives to the fullest of THEIR desires? As an American Indian male,let me tell you this,sister,It does not matter what anyone thinks of you,but you. if you look in a mirror and like what is loking back at you,that is all that should concern you.

For me, black women are the most beautiful creatures alive. You are the true goddesses of the earth. And Faylin is right to be jealous we love the African bootay. Remember when I wrote about beauty, and how supremacy controls so much of what we identify as beauty?

This is supremacy in action. Go see a therapist. This kind of hatred would be better focused on doing something like becoming a better person. Not being such a hateful scumbag. they seem to have no problem being re-elected repeatedly.

See what happens when you bring your stupid to the smart table, you racist piece of trash? are not black women as diverse in their physicality as anyone?

beauty, ability to attract, skin color, and on and on, is subjective. sure, people try to standardize and measure and set beauty.

But it is not so. one of the most amazing plug in any adjective women I saw was a black woman. she was dark-skinned, ukokaneebeach.comocessed hair, no makeup I could discern, she was full-figured, carried herself well.

  FOUR out of five black women are seriously overweight. One out of four middle-aged black women has diabetes. With $ billion a year spent on diabetes-related illness in America and obesity   3. Fat: Talking about black women and not mentioning "Fat" is a big Joke. Other races, tag "fat" as badluck ugly. "You are looking fat" is an insult. "I like your fat ass" is an insult but "I like your ass" is not an insult. That shows the detest for "fat" itself. 66black women are fat and are potentially fat!

there are people considered unattractive according to personal considerations. heck, there are days I look at myself and feel aghast. anyway, if you do not mind, this response is written by a white woman.

all women are my sisters.

all women, all female creatures are my responsibility. Attractive could mean anything in our opinion. There are all kinds of people out there in this world.

Everyone is unique, one way or the other. Is one article really going to ruin your day?

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However I chose to be an anonymous because I respect them for their viewpoints. We have to realize we are different, but also one at the same time.

We have the right to criticize what he said, the kind of education that led him to draw these conclusions, the kind of publication that would publish something like this devoid of editor pushback, the kind of publishing schema that results in someone being given free will to publish whatever they want without any review, and the way the public received something like this.

Since this essay was published, PsychToday has changed their publishing procedure, and countless publications have discussed and shifted the way they talk about minority populations. Media has changed since then, and us exercising our right to criticize makes a difference.

Trying to squash or discourage us from exercising it is literally trying to squash and discourage process.

Agree, rather fat dumb black women consider

We are different, and we are still the same in all the ways that matter, but when people try to exploit that difference or try to manipulate our understanding of the ways in which we are different, we should ALL push back against that. And your unwillingness to do exactly that gives me great pause. If we want to be a better society we must have the will to act out and learn from the useful critics.

If more accurate viewpoints of truth are known to other people, we could either not let the current government have an effect on us or possibly change our governments. I joined Anonymous because I thought they had a suitable view for my stage of knowledge.

But I like the official ones more for some reason. Critics can be used for good or bad, but depending on how the human takes it and what the other human says. We need to use it for the power of the better. At least, I this is what I think. Criticism is literally the first step in active progress. There is such a thing a race, though, and people use it as a way of denigrating others. Race is literally the same. Racism is, quite literally, a choice.

These things are choices. We all have to choose wisely. And, when people fail to choose wisely, they need to be called out on it.

Be on the right side on this one, friend. I have faith in you. PS: People give the government far too much credit. A cursory view of history over the past century both here and across the pond will show you that government is little more than a bunch of bumbling idiots with plenty of well-funded bees buzzing in their ears and guiding their votes, speeches, and advocacy. Behind every bad government decision lies a corporation that lobbied for it. Always look behind the curtain. Well, I have one story that comes to mindthe one about Moses who chose a black Ethiopian woman as a wife, and his own brother and sister, Aaron and Myriam, were very angry about his choice.

Know what happened next? God was obviously very angry about their racist attitude, and He punished Myriam by letting Satan cast leprosy on her for 7 days, and from top to bottom she becamewhite as snow!

One thing for sure, with the best physical exercise, the best diet, and the best body care, everyone has the potential to be stunningly beautiful ?? There is not one country in the world which does not have stunningly beautiful women! This so called study is a joke! Black is beautiful! White is beautiful! Yellow is beautiful! Red is beautiful! Black Hair Body Image All. Want to Know How I Grew My Long.

The Beauty Shop: Losing Weight, Losing Hair.

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The Beauty Shop: Protecting Your Edges From Breakage. Black Hair. Open Thread: What Do YOU Do With Your.

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Body Image. Detoxes are dumb, leave Lizzo alone, and other. Does a weight loss blog belong in a. What Did Your Mother Teach You About Living.

CVS Bans Airbrushing on In-Store Beauty Ads: Is. Healthy Eating. Research Shows Diet Can Potentially Cause-And Prevent-Depression. What Can Marshmallows Teach You About Will Power?

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Review: ButcherBox Brings Grass-Fed Organic Meat to Your. Fat Loss Running Strength Training All. Did You Know. Debunking The Myths. Emotional Eating. Can You Lose Weight-and Keep it Off-On a. How Should I Dress To Handle Working Out. Strength Training. Knee and Joint Pain, Part 1: How Knee. Exercise Is There Such Thing as Too Much Cardio. Cook It Like a Boss: Quinoa Chocolate Granola. About BGG2WL Advertising Contact Disclaimer Donate Newsletter Press Privacy Policy.

Home News Feed Stupid Study: Why Black Women Are Fatter, Dumber, More Manly And Less Attractive Than Others. Stupid Study: Why Black Women Are Fatter, Dumber, More Manly And Less Attractive Than Others by Erika Nicole Kendall May 16, written by Erika Nicole Kendall.

attractiveness black women science sex study. Erika Nicole Kendall The proud leader of the bgg2wlarmy, Erika Nicole Kendall writes food and fitness, body image and beauty, and more here at bgg2wl.

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next post. You may also like. Coconut Oil is Unhealthy? Not So Fast. Cows Genetically Modified To Produce Human Milk? Does Your State Allow Fast Food Purchases On Where Do Americans Get Their Calories? Chicago School Bans Lunches Brought From Home? Lynaya May 17, - AM 1.

  This article is more than 8 years old. No population has a higher overweight and obesity rate than African-American women (Spree/flickr) The causes of this alarming obesity rate are various   Black women are on average much heavier than nonblack women. The mean body-mass index (BMI) at Wave III is among black women and among nonblack women. (Black and nonblack men do not differ in BMI: vs. ) However, this is not the reason black women are less physically attractive than nonblack women Find the perfect fat dumb and happy stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now!

Molly May 23, - PM Exactly! Enufbeauty4me December 31, - AM Lord have mercy I wish I would allow ANYONE including this man to define my beauty! Shira May 12, - PM Well said my sister, well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janet July 29, - AM Juvenile is not only an apt word to describe the so called study, it is also the perfect word to describe the preferences of non-black men when it comes to standards of beauty in women and how they prefer women to behave.

quez March 28, - AM first of all i need blackwomen to look up on the internet mitochondrial eve: scientists found that in every human being dna on earth have a black woman gene dna. inside of them. blackwomen are the mothers of the earth and every other mutation is subhuman. now how could the mother of the earth be ugly. if they got a problem with a blackwomen looks surely they have a problem with god,now blackwomen,if they have a problem with god,they races surely have a problem.

god chose black men and blackwomen to create first,and when jesus come back, the bible said his skin will be copper,and have hair of wool. the black complexion sits on the right hand of god,never ever for get who you truly are sisters.

Erica January 6, - PM The problem with this study is that it seeks to find a scientific reason for personal bias, rather then finding personal reasons for personal bias. Eva May 16, - PM Since all humans originated from Africa, then ALL women should have equal levels of testosterone. Shelly May 16, - PM Where do you figure that all humans originated in Africa?

Shannon May 17, - AM The oldest human remains were discovered in Africa. Yoli February 14, - PM Erikayou are AWESOME!! Jessica August 21, - AM So true!

agree, remarkable

Tech November 4, - PM Erika. you are awesome. Erika Nicole Kendall November 5, - PM I try. Michelle February 17, - PM I am not upset that you are happy in your skin.

Seems fat dumb black women possible tell

Anonymous September 13, - PM Slaves of All races exist. In summary: Satoshi Kanazawa, get outta here with that shit. Melissa May 16, - PM Is anybody else having trouble getting to the original article?

Kiki May 16, - PM Curious to know, or maybe I missed it, but who were they asking? Rhonda May 16, - PM They can do all the studies they want to do but in the end it all comes down to what one sees with their own eyes.

rissa May 16, - PM lol love it! Michele May 16, - PM Wow. Allysia May 16, - PM thank you to this studythis is the reason why so many of our black women grow up with low self esteem and lack respect for themselves, because it is telling us that. Anonymous September 13, - PM.

Erika Nicole Kendall September 13, - PM This question is kind of a non-starter. jaysays December 5, - AM He is also UGLY!! Stan Szczesny May 16, - PM Thanks for posting the actual article. RP May 16, - PM Just a heads up but the writer of this article is a member of Stormfront. I have my own personal program: walk eight miles a week, sleep eight hours a night and drink eight glasses of water a day.

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I call on every black woman for whom it is appropriate to commit to getting under pounds or to losing the 10 percent of our body weight that often results in a 50 percent reduction in diabetes risk.

Sleeping better may be key, as recent research suggests that lack of sleep is a little-acknowledged culprit in obesity. But it is not just sleep, exercise and healthy foods we need to solve this problem - we also need wisdom.

I expect obesity will be like alcoholism. People who know the problem intimately find their way out, then lead a few others. The few become millions. Down here, that movement has begun. I hold Zumba classes in my dining room, have a treadmill in my kitchen and have organized yoga classes for women up to pounds.

Fat dumb black women

Our go-to family dinner is sliced cucumbers, salsa, spinach and scrambled egg whites with onions. Our go-to snack is peanut butter - no added sugar or salt - on a spoon.

My quick breakfast is a roasted sweet potato, no butter, or Greek yogurt with six almonds. I may never get small doing all of this. But I have made it much harder for the next generation, including my year-old daughter, to get large.

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