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Well done Torrie Wilson!

  Aside from Wendi Richter in the "Rock N Wrestling" days of the mids, WWE largely ignored women's wrestling until Sunny and Sable showed they could pop a rating in the mid to late 90s. In the early 90s, WWE did try to get Alundra Blayze over as the best women's wrestler in the world. Fans had trouble getting behind her however   Rare Full Naked WWE Divas Buch match. Abdul Manan. Follow. 5 years ago. Rare Full Naked WWE Divas Buch match. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. Trish Stratus Forced To Strip By Vince McMahon (Naked) WWE Wrestling. Top 10 Most Shocking Moments Of Nudity In kokaneebeach.com: Abdul Manan Naked Women's Wrestling League: With Carmen Electra, Jessica Barrow, Nancy Becker, Becky Brady. A bunch of naked women fighting and pulling through the wrestling match. April hunter also appears

Well done! Torrie is a fitness fanatic, so her graceful aging shouldn't come as much of a surprise. In fact, she currently sells her fitness and workout videos to people looking to get into better shape, or people who just want to watch her workout She debuted in WWE in as part of the Invasion angle and left in Torrie was romantically involved with Alex Rodriguez from roughly to She currently lives in the Los Angeles area and evidenced by her recent Instagram pictures, she still looks flawless.

Layla was a dancer before she made her way to the WWE. She went to a college for the performing arts, which led to her become a cheerleader for the Miami Heat.

She also was a dancer for Kanye West, which must have made working for WWE seem surprisingly normal by comparison.

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She won the Diva Searchand made her first official appearance as a full-time member of the roster at that year's SummerSlam. By early however, she was moved to the ECW brand, which was struggling due to their ill-received December to Dismember PPV to close out InLayla would team up with Michelle McCool however, and that's when her career really started to take off.

The duo would refer to themselves as LayCool, and were the top heels in women's wrestling up until their split in As you can see in the picture above, her booty helped her cause. A post shared by Natalie Eva Marie natalieevamarie. As of this writing, Eva Marie is not expected back in WWE. She failed a Wellness Policy Exam and hasn't been back since. Despite being drop dead gorgeous, and seemingly having Corey Graves wrapped around her finger, Eva Marie wasn't able to make it work in WWE.

She was working as a fitness model when WWE came calling in Almost immediately after signing with the company, she was cast to the promotion's reality show Total Divas. She was never able to quite get the finer points of wrestling and the fans caught on to this fact. Nothing illustrates the state of wrestling today more than the fact that someone like Eva Marie couldn't get over with the fans despite how she looks. You need to be able to wrestle or today's fans won't have any time for you, even if you have such a wonderful booty as well.

Lynch is a fantastic wrestler who would stand-out more if it weren't for the fact that today's Women's Division is deeper than it ever has been. She also doesn't get the kind of attention she should for having a defined, toned and aesthetically pleasing glute muscles.

Generally, Lynch is kept somewhat covered up while wrestling, but the above photo-shoot shows off a more tantalizing side of the Irish Lass Kicker. If you can believe it, Becky started training at only 15 years of age.

She first started wrestling on NWA Ireland shows at Not long after, she started getting booked in Canada and the United States as well. She was 26 when signing her first deal and reporting to NXT. After recovering from an injury recently, she has been available to return, but creative doesn't seem to have anything for her. That's not a good sign.

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Before joining WWE, Summer Rae was a standout football star. Although her brand of football is somewhat different from the version popularized by the NFL. From toSummer played on the Chicago Bliss of the Legends Football League better known by its previous name, the Lingerie Football League.

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Always a competitor, Summer Rae took those games seriously, was defensive captain of her team, and even went to the All-Star game one year. She only left her football career when she signed with WWE in When you think of women in the WWE with great sets of glutes, Bayley might not be the first person who comes to mind. She has clearly been eating her Booty O cereal however, as the above picture attests to.

Bayley is one of the most interesting women's wrestlers of all-time. The year old is popular with fans old and young alike. Kids love her because she seems to like all the same things they do, and adult wrestling fans like her because they can tell she loves pro wrestling dearly.

Another interesting point about Bayley is how regular she is outside of the ring. She loves doing regular nerdy things, although she's a big fan of building up her booty as seen through several of her Instagram workout footage.

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Kelly Kelly, the Diva' so nice they named her twice, left the WWE five years ago, and is still only 30 years old. She was rumored to be returning to the company around WrestleMania 33, however that doesn't seem to have come to pass.

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As a 19 year old, her modelling was discovered by John Laurinaitis inwho signed her and sent her to WWE developmental. She wouldn't be there long however, as she would make her main roster debut for the ECW brand later that same year. She began a storyline where she was the girlfriend to a jealous and over-protective Mike Knox, leading to Knox being involved in several storylines with ECW stars who disapproved of how he treated her.

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She had a good run on the main roster untilwhen at 25 years old she decided to take a sabbatical from the business for good. The Ravishing Russian Lana has endured an interesting WWE career thus far. She debuted with her real-life boyfriend now husband Rusev in NXT, and both would be called up to the main roster in early Rusev debuted at the Royal Rumble, and Lana would debut on the following SmackDown.

As the fans would boo Rusev, but they would usually cheer for Lana. This led WWE to break up the couple and putting her with Dolph Ziggler. Fans had trouble buying into the storyline however, and not long after Lana and Rusev announced their real-life engagement on social media, Lana once again turned heel and joined Rusev.

Rusev and Lana were both sent to SmackDown during the latest Superstar Shakeup. Lana has been training in developmental, and may get in the ring once she debuts on SmackDown.

Fat naked men in wwe

It feels unfair to give Brie and Nikki separate entries when their glute muscles come from exactly the same DNA. Though as their careers have evolved over the years, so has their physiques. The Bellas have each married top WWE stars, in Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

By marrying Cena, Nikki Bella has found the closest thing to marrying a McMahon that was available to her at the time. Brie marrying Daniel Bryan may have felt like a similar scenario, but there are rumors that Bryan plans on leaving WWE when his contract is up in Enough about Bryan and let's take a second to pay homage at these two fantastic booties.

Nikki loves to showcase her behind as documented through her YouTube page and Instagram platforms.

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Fans aren't complaining one bit. Alexa Bliss has made an impact in the short time she has been on the main roster.

The year old is still in her rookie year in WWE's big leagues, and is already a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion, and the current Raw Women's Champion. Bliss was called up from NXT to SmackDown during the brand-extension draft in July of At the time, she had been serving mainly as a manger for Blake and Murphy in NXT, and was just transitioning as a solo act.

When given the opportunity on SmackDown however, Bliss ran with it. She amassed a fan base pretty quickly, and the above photo may help to explain why. The former gymnast is very agile in the ring, and her comic book cosplay has won her a few fans as well. There are a lot of women on this list who have well-defined glute muscles, but only one woman utilizes her strengths as part of her finishing move.

Naomi's signature move is called the "Rear View", and basically involves her jumping and ramming her backside into her opponent's face.

  WWE legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts has revealed all about how he was conceived in rape and molested as a child by his own stepmother. The Hall of   The WWE likes to have some of the biggest wrestlers in the world as part of their roster because they are good at playing the bad guy and make it a lot easier to build up an underdog. We're talking about Superstars like Big Show who is billed as the "World's Largest Athlete" or The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry, who weighs around lbs   Top 10 Most Shocking Moments Of Nudity In WWE, WWE always fascinates us whether with its female wrestling or male championships The show gets telecasted with P.G certification which allows all the age groups to be the part of this entertainment However we all know that the program WWE Released on: November 23,

Naomi will also use an inverted head-scissors move which she refers to as "Bootylicious". Literally having a larger posterior is the focal point of Naomi's character. Well, that and she sometimes "Feels The Glow! The year old Orlando native got to have her WrestleMania moment this year when she overcame an injury to win back the SmackDown Women's Championship at WM She had previously won the championship earlier in the year but had to vacate it due to injury.

What always amazes us about Stacy Keibler is that she was romantically linked to David Flair at one point, and then later linked to George Clooney in the same way. We live in a world where David Flair and George Clooney have dated the same woman.

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That's mind blowing, which is also how many people describe Keibler's back-side. After WCW folded, WWE picked up her contract and she became part of the Invasion angle. She ended up becoming "The Duchess of Dudleyville" and started dressing like the Dudleyz. Over the years, Keibler would be involved in several storylines, some good and some not-so-good. Unfortunately inshe would appear on Dancing with the Starswhere Keibler realized she could perhaps have a more rewarding career outside of WWE.

She returned briefly in as a guest coach for Tough Enoughbut has generally stayed away from wrestling ever since leaving. Trish Stratus had a lot of competition in this article, but in the end there was only one woman who could occupy the top spot.

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To have your glute muscles chosen over the likes of Stacy Keibler and Naomi truly is an accomplishment. Young Alexa Bliss coming in at number four is no slouch either.

Trish Stratus turned heads when she made her WWE debut in After crowds voiced their approval of Trish however, she was quickly moved into a main event storyline with Vince McMahon, and turned face at her very first WrestleMania, rarely going back to being a heel. At a time where women's wrestling needed athletes that could also give the Attitude Era fans the kind of tantalizing entertainment they had grown accustomed to, Trish was the perfect performer at the perfect time.

WWE NXT was once the crown jewel of quality in WWE, but due to a war between Vince McMahon and Triple H, the brand is falling apart. Jeff Sharp is a freelance writer from Parts Unknown. His Earthquake Splash was even more destructive, squashing everything from Hulk Hogan's ribcage to Jake Roberts' python, Damien.

See Earthquake make quick work of Adam Bomb at WrestleMania 10 on WWE Network. While the pound Big Boss Man had the immense size of an offensive lineman, he moved with the speed of a running back, which made him incredibly dangerous. The imposing corrections officer from Cobb County, Ga. The poor saps that fell to Boss Man got the full prison treatment, too, getting cuffed to the ring ropes and introduced to the business end of a nightstick. Relive Big Boss Man's championship partnership with Ken Shamrock.

A member of the New York Jets, Bob Windham began training for a professional wrestling career at the urging of teammate and mat legend Wahoo McDaniel. It was a natural fit for the 6-foot-7, pound former U. Marine who was rivaled only by Andre the Giant in terms of size and power during his prime years in the mids.

A no nonsense competitor, the gruff Texan finished off foe after foe with his signature Iron Claw. InMulligan formed The Blackjacks alongside Blackjack Lanza and manager Capt. Lou Albano and went on to win the World Tag Team Championships under manager Capt.

Lou Albano. In addition, Mulligan enjoyed great success in territories like Florida, Mid-Atlantic, World Class and the AWA. Watch a snug brawl between Blackjack Mulligan and Moondog Spot. Truth is they should be thankful. Had the powerhouse from Silsbee, Texas, spent the last decade behaving the way he did in fall then WWE history would look a lot different. Imagine rings destroyed. Legends hobbled. The Streak? A few digits less impressive.

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Watch Mark Henry's World Heavyweight Title win on WWE Network. Had nagging injuries not slowed him, Henry may have depleted an entire roster. Even fans in the front row seemed uneasy in the looming presence of the former Olympic power lifter. They missed the point.

Yokozuna makes his WWE debut: WWE Superstars, Oct. 31, 1992

Monsters are fiction. It is men that are real. And Henry was the meanest man of all. A standout amateur wrestler, the pound Monsoon used a mix of experienced grappling and serious power to smash the likes of Bruno Sammartino and "Superstar" Billy Graham during his decades in WWE. Gorilla even got into a scuffle with boxing legend Muhammad Ali during a match in Philadelphia and quickly disposed of The Greatest with his famous Airplane Spin.

Watch Stan Hansen vs.

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Lex Luger from Halloween Havoc on WWE Network. A bounty-hunting mercenary at various points in his career, Hansen wreaked havoc around the world for nearly 30 years before hanging up the bullwhip in Before becoming one of the most revered Superstars of his era, "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd was a gridiron great, playing with teams like the San Diego Chargers and the Houston Oilers during the s. Dominating and charismatic, the WWE Hall of Famer was a major star who stomped through legends like Abdullah the Butcher and Ox Baker with an enviable cool.

It doesn't get any tougher than that.

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Consider this - at pounds, Yokozuna weighed literally twice as much as the massive Batista. This earthshaking mass served the dominant sumo wrestler very well during his time with WWE as the giant stomped his way past WWE Hall of Famers like Bret "Hit Man" Hart and Hulk Hogan on his way to two WWE Championships.

Managed by Mr. Fuji for the majority of his career, Yokozuna was deceptively mobile for a man of his size. And his Banzai Splash, in which he plunged from the second rope onto the chest of his prone opponent, always guaranteed victory.

See Yokozuna win the Royal Rumble Match.

Often touted by Bret "Hit Man" Hart as the most talented big man in wrestling history, Bam Bam Bigelow was one of the rare behemoths who could literally throw his weight around. Unbelievably agile for a near pounder, The Beast from the East used his massive body to achieve success in WWE, WCW and other promotions across the globe.

The tattooed New Jersey native once disposed of King Kong Bundy and One Man Gang in the same match and battled in the main event of WrestleMania XI, but his biggest victory came in ECW when he won the renegade promotion's championship.

Watch Bam Bam Bigelow compete in the main event of WrestleMania XI on WWE Network. The shout of "It's Vader time! Known as "The Mastodon" for good reason, Vader captured three World Heavyweight Championships during his time in WCW thanks to his thick muscles and aggressive style and came close to winning the WWE Championship on multiple occasions. A player with the Los Angeles Rams before entering sports-entertainment, Vader rushed his opponents like a defensive end, smashing everyone from Ric Flair to Cactus Jack with callous disregard.

Watch a hardcore classic between Vader and Cactus Jack from WCW Halloween Havoc on WWE Network. But over the past 17 years! That he continues to catch us off guard to this day is astounding. Watch the first match between Kane and Undertaker on WWE Network. Let's get one thing straight about Big Show - The World's Largest Athlete isn't just a clever nickname. It's a fact. Standing at a towering 7-foot tall and weighing more than pounds, the titan is one of the most imposing men to ever enter a wrestling ring and, perhaps, the most athletically gifted Superstar to ever be called a giant.

Dominant from the very beginning, Show won the WCW Championship in his very first match in He would continue to collect titles, becoming the only man to win the ECW, WWE and WCW Championships during an epic run that is still going strong.

See Big Show's WWE debut on WWE Network. A key figure in the storied history of sports-entertainment, Andre the Giant rose from humble beginnings in Grenoble, France, to become one of the most recognizable men in the world. His stats are gospel amongst longtime wrestling fans - 7-foot-4, pounds. His unquenchable thirst has become the stuff of internet legend - cases and cases of red wine, beers in one sitting.

Rumors aside, what remains true is that Andre is a legitimate folk hero and a WWE Hall of Famer thanks to his marquee matches with Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd and countless other ring titans. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III on WWE Network. Perhaps the single most destructive force in WWE history, The Undertaker possesses the size to intimidate and the in-ring ability to back it up.

Not only can The Demon from Death Valley beat opponents with power, but he knows submission maneuvers Hell's Gatetop rope attacks Old School and has been called the best pure striker in WWE. The majority of the giants on this list have fallen to The Deadman at one time or another.

The ones who didn't are lucky they never had to step in the ring with him. And his WrestleMania Streak stands as the most impressive record in all of sports-entertainment. That's why the former WWE Champion is the greatest big man of all time. Watch The Undertaker vs. Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match from WrestleMania 28 on WWE Network. Raw results, Aug. SmackDown results, Sept. WWE NXT results Aug. Roman Reigns triumphs over Edge and Bryan in the culmination of an epic two-night WrestleMania.

WWE Network Shows Superstars Tickets Shop WWE Network. Featured WWE PPV Raw SmackDown NXT In-Ring Originals Watch Now. The 30 best big men in wrestling history February 11, facebook twitter More Share Options Share close facebook twitter kokaneebeach.com pinterest email. Hulk Hogan from WrestleMania III on WWE Network What makes a giant? Published on February 11, com Staff. What's Trending on WWE. Full SummerSlam Results.

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