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Spartacus c.

Little is known about Spartacus beyond the events of the war, and surviving historical accounts are sometimes contradictory and may not always be reliable. However, all sources agree that he was a former gladiator and an accomplished military leader.

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This rebellion, interpreted by some as an example of oppressed people fighting for their freedom against a slave-owning oligarchy, has provided inspiration for many political thinkers, and has been featured in literature, television, and film. Although this interpretation is not specifically contradicted by classical historians, no historical account mentions that the goal was to end slavery in the Republic.

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Jean Simmons and Kirk Douglas filming the nude river scene in Spartacus. Spartacus is also a American epic historical drama film and stars Kirk Douglas in the title role. Spartacus forms a quiet relationship with a serving woman named Varinia Jean Simmonswhom he refuses to rape when she is sent to "entertain" him in his cell.

Spartacus and Varinia are subsequently forced to endure numerous humiliations for defying the conditions of servitude. The gladiators overwhelm their guards and escape into the Italian countryside. Spartacus is elected chief of the fugitives and decides to lead them out of Italy and back to their homes.

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More on the Spartacus film. Jean Merilyn Simmons, OBE Order of the British Empire31 January - 22 January was an English actress and singer. One of J. Arthur Rank's "well-spoken young starlets", she appeared predominantly in films, beginning with those made in Great Britain during and after the Second World War, followed mainly by Hollywood films from onwards.

Simmons was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Hamletand won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for Guys and Dolls.

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Other notable film appearances included Young Bess, The Robe, Elmer Gantry, Spartacus Her last big movie was Stanley Kubrick's Spartacusand The Happy Ending, for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress. She also won an Emmy Award for the miniseries The Thorn Birds.

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More on Jean Simmons. Miller is known for his iconic photographs of Norma Jeane Dougherty Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Dick also documented the construction of the Los Angeles freeways.

Elephants were often featured in the amphitheaters across the Roman Empire.

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Sometimes they were simply put on display and a few of the elephants were trained to do tricks for the crowd. Elephants were also featured in the great beast hunts inside the arena where emperors and other members of the ruling elite would kill them with spears.

Because of their size and stature, elephants were also used in executions. For example, in BC, general Aemilius Paullus had elephants trample the captured men who had attempted to desert his army. This form was execution was also used in the arenas.

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Slaves and criminals were thrown to the enraged and frightened elephants to be trampled to death. Any who survived the trampling would have their throats cut. Being trampled by elephants was considered to be an undignified death among the Romans and a well deserved form of execution for the traitors of Rome.

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Death by firea sentence called crematio or ad flammas, would have been a horrible vision of pain and suffering within the arena. Slaves and criminals who were given this sentence were made to wear colorful clothing that had been soaked in a flammable substance.

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Then, while standing in the center of the arena, they would have been ignited. As their clothes burned, the victims were forced to dance for the Roman public as the pain of fire burned away their flesh.

Their shrieks of pain would have been horrifying to us, but to the ancient Romans, the death cries were not only entertainment, but the auditory proof of a well deserved death.

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Under Nerodeath by fire took on new heights of cruelty. For the unfortunate people condemned by fire, Nero had them wear clothing of papyrus dipped in wax and resin. The victims were essentially turned into human candles and when they were lit, they burned brightly. Sometimes those who were sentenced to death were given an alternative, although that alternative was never very pleasant.

The convict, as would any sensible person, choose to stick his hand in the flame in the hopes of delaying his eventual death. Self castration was also offered as an alternative to a painful death in the arena. Wanting reenactments of the mythical, self castrating Attis, a slave or criminal might be offered the role.

The only way historians believe that the victim would have agreed to such a terrible fate was by offering the victim a choice. Either die by the hands of absolute cruelty or perform this terrible deed which might allow you to live the rest of your life as a slave and eunuch.

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The executions of prisoners of war, criminals, and slaves took place between the morning beast hunts and the afternoon gladiator events. There were, under normal circumstances, just a small group of people to be executed. These small groups of convicts would die together, alone, or in pairs.

However, on rare, extravagant occasionsa large group of people, usually prisoners of war, were scheduled to die in the arena. During these great events, the head of the event, usually the emperor, would plan out immense battle reenactments that required anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of victims.

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Mock land and naval battles were staged, using the prisoners of war as sacrificial players. The battles were to the death and always drew a huge crowd because the outcomes of the battles were ukokaneebeach.comedictable. In the ancient Roman mind, it was not enough to simply read the myths of Greece or act them out on the stage.

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Instead, the Romans chose to have the myths reenacted in the flesh and blow for blow. For female criminals who were sentenced to die in the arena, this often meant reenacting the sex scenes. Unfortunately, those sex scenes included Pasiphae and the bull, as well as a scene from The Golden Ass by Apuleius.

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As for one of the events involving Lucian the ass and a condemned woman, a wild panther was set loose after the deed was done and put a final end to the bound woman. When criminals were to be executed by wild beasts, a sentence called ad bestias, and it could be performed in a number of ways. In one account of death by beasts, the murderer was strapped to a trolley and placed before a leopard.

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An arena slave cracked his whip and drove the wild cat into a maddened frenzy. Being tied in place, there was no way the man could fight back, and it forced him to endure the true horrors of his punishment.

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In other accounts of wild cats used in executions, the victim was tied to a post that had been set up in the arena for such events.

The cat would be let loose and the victim shredded to the cheers of the crowd.

Sometimes criminals were handed wooden swords and were sent into the arena to fight off a wild animal who had been deliberately angered by the arena slaves. These criminals had no hope of beating back the animals with a wooden sword, but the moment of death would be prolonged as the victims desperately tried to fight back against jaws and claws.

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One method of execution that was favored by the audience was to simply allow the criminal to run around the arena. The wild cat or cats were set free to chase after the victim until he was caught and sufficiently mauled and battered.

Handsome Roman and Indian warriors naked gay erotic gallery Net and Bull. Animals played a large part in many of Rome's executions. Amphitheaters across the Roman Empire had been built to hold bears, leopards, bulls, alligators, and other deadly animals, and they were all used, at one point or another, to execute criminals. One popular method of execution involved placing a criminal in a kokaneebeach.comted Reading Time: 8 mins Spartacus (c. BC) was a Thracian gladiator who was one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman kokaneebeach.com is known about Spartacus beyond the events of the war, and surviving historical accounts are sometimes contradictory and may not always be reliable

There were detailed specifications on how long a death by beast should take.

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