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Some are provocative, some feature the women baring all - while others just show off their different hairstyles and outfits. Sadly the snaps were printed in a national newspaper and the prison warden had to search the bunks to find the cell phone. So no more Puerto Rican inmate photoshoots until they get their hands on another phone that is. Cops tailed Dougherty and her brothers for 20 miles, reaching speeds of up to mph before cornering the gang.

A shootout saw Dougherty shot in the leg before she was apprehended. Via: cbsnews. When Rachel Wade was just a teenager, she found herself wrapped up in a love triangle.

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Someone else was dating her man and Wade was not happy about it. After confronting year-old Sarah Ludemann about the relationship several times, things eventually came to a brutal conclusion in a fatal fight. Via: metro. Sarah Seawright is another offender who shot to fame online after being arrested. Collared in Arkansas, police apprehended Seawright after she failed to show up in court.

Facing some careless driving charges, this felonious viral superstar had also been accused of kidnapping, battery and robbery.

Buoyed by the attention, Seawright told her Facebook followers to check her out on Snapchat. Now serving a life sentence, the blond villain was accused of convincing her NFL linebacker lover, Eric Naposki, to murder the millionaire McLaughlin. A father-of-three, he was found dead in his kitchen after being shot six times in the chest. Via: crimewatchdaily.

After those infamous PrisonBae snaps and a series of sexy female criminals going viral after being arrested, there was Meagan McCullough. It inspired memes and hilarious taglines. Her charge - a simple DUI offence. So is McCullough guilty of taking your breath away? Via: elnuevoherald.

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Inthis Mexican model and beauty queen was arrested, along with seven alleged drug traffickers. Protesting her innocence, Zuniga told police that her boyfriend, Angel Orlando Garcia Urquiza, had abducted her and that she had no knowledge of his illegal activities. Only problem was, Urquiza was a known member of a Mexican drug cartel. Zuniga ended up in jail, but only served 40 days.

Female inmates nudes

She still claims being linked to this gang has affected her modelling career and the press are wrong to link her to the crimes. Serving a long sentence for murder in a UK jail, Sanghera is hoping to have her conviction quashed. Arrested and convicted of killing her love rival, Sanghera was in the throws of an affair with Sair Ali when the murder happened. Ali was in an arranged marriage with his teenage bride, Sana Ali, during his two year affair with Sanghera.

The prosecution claims Sanghera murdered Sana Ali when she discovered she was pregnant.

Sana Ali was found at her home, brutally stabbed and a knife had been plunged into her womb. With no forensic proof that Sanghera stabbed Ali, the defense are trying to overturn the case, which they say is based solely on circumstantial evidence.

Via: huffingtonpost. Jodi Arias hit the headlines in when she was convicted of killing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in Arias claims she killed Alexander in self-defense but the brutal killing suggests otherwise. Alexander was stabbed 27 times and shot in the head. Reason for incarceration: Felony Burglary Neiers, a member of the so-called "Burglar Bunch," was convicted in and sentenced to days in jail for burglarizing actor Orlando Bloom's home.

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Neiers served just one month of that sentence. Miranda Dalton. Reason for incarceration: DUI resulted in death "I am looking for a friendship that can grow, and for someone to sweep me off my feet and dance the night away. Bridgette Chaplin. Serious inquiries only!!! Willing to relocate.

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Sherree Cheng. Ashley Davis. Reason for incarceration: Grand Theft, Burglary "I've made some bad decisions that have put me in prison, however, that doesn't make me a bad person I love the beach and just about anything to do with the outdoors. Christine Coffman. Don't allow what I have to offer go to waste, so just imagine me as a smoking hot genie trapped in a bottle, and all it takes is one rub to free me to make all your dreams come true.

This bottle is tight and I'm hot in here. Crystal Phillips. Deanna Vasquez. Ophelia Castro. Reason for incarceration: Possession with intent to deliver cocaine "I'm very mature for my age I'm looking for someone who knows how to be a friend, who will look past my mistakes and accept me for me.

Amber Jackson. Reason for incarceration: Fleeing Scene of Accident "I prefer an older gentleman, someone over I want one man to be my everything. I'm in need of passion and romance. Show me what love is! I won't play games with your head or your heart.

Featured Female Inmate - Prison Pen pal. Mailing Address: Leanne Bechtel DOC # Washington Corrections Center for Women. Bujacich Rd. NW. Gig Harbor, WA Visit My Page   These are real quotes and these are real women in prison who can be found on kokaneebeach.com The hottest women in prison include a wide variety of young women who, for whatever reason, found themselves on the wrong side of the law and, ultimately, behind bars. We all hear the stories of famous

Tina Alderman. Reason for incarceration: Manufacturing a controlled substance "I am looking for a friend who doesn't see my incarceration as a character flaw, accepts my country accent as just another part of me, and who realizes my pretty face is not the only thing I have to offer.

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Stephanie Perkins. Reason for Incarceration: Armed Robbery "I'm a sweet Southern Georgia peach who is looking to find that someone special or just make a new friend.

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Amanda Jenson. Reason for incarceration: Producing child pornography "I am wanting to finish my education. I spend my spare time painting or drawing portraits. I spend my evenings reading true crime or Wiccan books. Tiffany Santos.

Chassity Kitchen. Ashley Innes.

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Reason for incarceration: Grand Larceny "I roll with life's punches and take every opportunity to better myself. Crystal Babbitts. Reason for incarceration: Injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle, bail jumping "This is my first incarceration, and will also be my last. I am a very fun, energetic, social person with a bright personality and a big heart.

  Prisoners abused and treated like dogs (WARNING: Nudity, disturbing content) 10 years ago. John Holowach Plus. From my documentary HIGH: The True Tale of American Marijuana (kokaneebeach.com). Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in kokaneebeach.com Duration: 6 min Women Prisoners. Seeking Pen Pals. We are female inmates seeking pen pals for correspondence, friendship, mentors, support, and in some cases even looking for love and a new life. Life in prison is very lonely. You can make a difference in someones life by providing them with communication outside the walls and razor wire of prison   Footage of female inmates inside the jail for Britain's most dangerous women has been leaked for the first time as the prison smartphone crisis reaches female jails. Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Kelsey Bolding. My intentions are good and I have no hidden agenda.

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I love stars, glitter, and the color blue. LaToya Jemerson.

Reason for incarceration: Robbery " I am a fun, sexy, outgoing young lady looking for someone who is smart, funny, and financially stable open to meeting someone who can be real with me at all times. Kristy Chavez.

  Women made to expose genitals during prison 'training exercise' was legal demand, US court rules. Inmates 'required to stand naked, nearly shoulder to shoulder with eight to 10 other inmates Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins   Prison inmates used nude photos of women to extort $k from US service members. The Pentagon announced on Wednesday that a coordinated Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins   When Female Inmates Take Photos of Their Life in Prison (65 pics) Posted in RANDOM 23 Jul An interesting experiment took place in a Romanian prison for women. The inmates received a total of 6 Canon PowerShot cameras and were taught how to use them. During the first two months, photos were taken!

April Sylva. Reason for incarceration: Possession with intent to deliver cocaine "I would like to meet someone who is loyal to their friends, who has staying power, and follows through with what they start. Truly you don't have to be rich, young, or even Brad Pitt Inga Kemnitz.

Reason for Incarceration: Identity theft, Aggravated Animal Abuse In The First Degree "I am outgoing, open minded, and I love to laugh. I love sports, snowboarding, and the outdoors, anything under the sun! I really enjoy traveling and I still want to go to a lot of foreign countries. Ashley Lyons.

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Reason for Incarceration: Burglary, Assault "I love to put a smile on another persons face. Tammy Webb. Ronea Clark. If you're looking for an exotic, hot chick, here I am. Kellie Cardenas. no, but damn close!

I'm quiet, laid back, sincere, beautiful, kind hearted, and blessed with an amazing, voluptuous figure. Chrystal Meyer. Reason for incarceration: Assault " I'm a representing Cancer, if you don't know or know little about what Cancer consists of, I'm here to let you know who I am and what I'm about.

I'm a bubbly, outgoing, and energetic woman who likes to be impulsive and spontaneous at times. Precious Johnson. Have a nice day. Risha Land. Dy'asha Guest. I love to travel the world, and will relocate. Carrie Noe. Reason for incarceration: Manslaughter I "I want to meet people who have topics of interest, who will talk about more than just sex.

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Tiara Clift. I only curse when I'm nervous, I'm working on that. Courtney Callahan. Reason for incarceration: Burglary "In my free time, I enjoy meeting new people, going to amusement parks, concerts, having fun, and hanging out with my 2 Chihuahuas

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