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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Photo Credit The cheerleading team needed money, so they decided to create Degrassi Nudes. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In Ready or NotLola auditions for the female lead and she's perfect for it but Winston tells Frankie that he doesn't "like" Lola at all. Frankie's idea: have the three of them hang out so they can get to know each other.

Winston's so afraid of it slipping out during the play that he and Lola kissed that he decides Frankie should play the female lead instead. In Wishlistit's Frankie and Hunter's 15th birthday, and to celebrate their mom is throwing them a Gatsby party.

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However, Frankie's upset when her dad shows up to give her a present that morning. Her parents are separated, and Frankie wants nothing to do with her dad because he tried to make her take the blame for Degrassi Nudes. Lola and Shay suggest Frankie use Mr. Hollingsworth's desire to buy Frankie's love to her advantage, so she orders a bunch of extra stuff for her party including a horse. Frankie gives her father the cold shoulder when he arrives at the aprty, and she takes off with Winston to hang out on a private jet.

Frankie's mom eventually finds her, and tells Frankie she'll have to tell her dad herself if she doesn't have him in her life. The next day, Frankie tells her dad she doesn't want to see him anymore and her love can't be bought.

In Walking in My ShoesFrankie has a lot going on with juggling the play and home life, and she freaks out after she receives a "C" on a math test. Frankie wants to skip rehearsal so she can study for the next test, but Winston convinces her not to. With limited study time, Frankie feels ukokaneebeach.comepared for the test and cheats off Lola.

Because Frankie copied all of Lola's answers they end up with the same grade. Both Lola and Frankie deny cheating, and Coach Armstrong says they'll both receive a "0" if neither of them admits to it. Frankie comes clean and Armstrong gives her a "0," but tells her he won't call her parents.

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She apologizes to Lola for cheating, then Lola blurts out that she and Winston kissed. After Winston walks up, an upset Frankie tells him he's only allowed to talk to her at rehearsals. In Teen Age RiotFrankie's having trouble concentrating during rehearsals because she's still angry Winston kissed Lola. Imogen tells Frankie if she can't get it together they'll have to replace her. Frankie has no plans on leaving the musical, but she doesn't want to work with Winston anymore.

She doesn't want to end up like her mom, who spends all of her time being sad these days instead of doing the things she loves because of the separation from Mr.

Instead of letting Winston's presence continue to bother her, Frankie decides to work through it and rehearse with him anyway.

She also encourages her mom to quit moping over Mr. Hollingsworth and get back to doing something she loves: shopping. In The Kids Aren't Alright 1as they're in the final stages of preparing for the musical, Frankie finds herself falling for Winston again. However, she's afraid Winston might cheat on her again so she decides to test him. Frankie sends Lola to flirt with Winston, but he realizes Frankie was setting him up and gets upset.

He calls Frankie a psycho for playing games and not just coming to talk to him, and angry Frankie decides to drop out of Winston's play. In The Kids Aren't Alright 2Winston finds himself unable to kiss his new leading lady Zoe because he doesn't want to kiss anyone except Frankie. Zoe tells him to talk to her because Frankie's trust issues stem from watching her mom and dad's relationship.

Winston calls Frankie and begs for her to rejoin the play, which he wrote for her. Frankie shows up and the musical goes on as scheduled, the two share their on-stage kiss and they kiss again offstage, signifying Frankie has forgiven Winston. In Don't Look BackFrankie is late on the first day for her internship at City Hall because some creeper was following her around asking if she wanted a ride.

Her fellow interns already don't like her because she's the rich Mayor's daughter. Frankie tries to fit in with them by inviting herself to Cat 's birthday party at a club and getting wasted, but Mr. Hollingsworth finds out and punishes all of the interns. She tells one of the interns, Loganthat she doesn't know what she's doing and needs someone to teach her, so he does. Frankie goes to the police to offer information about the weird guy who followed her around, but the police aren't really interested.

Logan's upset over Gloria Chinhis girlfriend who was kidnapped, so Frankie drags him to hang out with her and Winston. Winston thinks it's weird Frankie brought Logan along on their date, but she tells Winston she feels bad for Logan. People start noticing Frankie and Logan are getting close, but Frankie says they're just friends. When she doesn't hear back from him, she starts to worry. Winston believes Frankie got scammed and is saddened to hear Frankie admit that she's developed feelings for Logan.

Frankie calls Logan and he asks for more money; when Frankie says no, he berates her. As the Tenners come together to find a missing Maya MatlinFrankie joins them and says Logan is the kidnapper.

After Gloria and Maya are found, Frankie tries to apologize to Winston and hopes he'll give her a second chance. Winston can't get over the fact Frankie was so emotionally involved in another guy, and they break up.

In NoFilterat home, Mrs. Hollingsworth reveals to Miles, Hunter and Frankie that the man she's been seeing is Mr. Hollingsworth, and Miles angrily storms away. Shay and Lola show up to Degrassi to see Frankie with a new hairstyle. Frankie isn't interested in hanging out, so she goes home and cries alone. She receives a message online from a stranger complimenting her hair, and Frankie tells them that he life has been falling apart and her friends don't understand her.

Frankie finds comfort in the online stranger until she realizes that it's Shay and Lola catfishing her. She melts down in the music room and Jonah Haak sternly tells her that her friends actually do get what she's going through and she needs to talk to them. Shay and Lola tell Frankie they catfished her because she wouldn't tell them what's wrong, and Frankie says she feels like they wanted her to go back to who she used to be.

They tell Frankie they accept her no matter what and the three make up. In ButThatsNoneOfMyBusinessLola's concerned that Tiny will think she's some weirdo who masturbates until she learns that Frankie does it.

In NotAllMenJonah asks Frankie to volunteer at a teen addiction center and she agrees. However, Frankie also has Shay begging to accompany her, Tiny Bell and Lola to The Dot so Shay doesn't have to sit alone through the torture of watching Tiny and Lola together.

At The Dot, Frankie gets impatient and says its silly she's stuck in Shay's drama and not helping Jonah. Shay strikes back and says it's the least Frankie could do after having to sit through Frankie mourning over her breakup with Winston over the past month.

When Frankie shows up to volunteer after the event is over, Jonah's angry with her, and tells her that she's still miserable because she wants to be. When Frankie goes home, she unexpectedly runs into Winston and she ends up spilling her feelings to him.

She wishes her life could go back to the way things were last year, and Winston agrees before walking away. In TeamFollowBackFrankie's kinda excited at the thought of getting back together with Winston, but she begins to have second thoughts.

Lola and Shay are all for Frankston to get back together, but Frankie can't get over how badly things ended between them. While getting into another intense conversation with Jonah, who likes to lecture Frankie on how she's not being honest with herself, the two share a passionate kiss. In SinceWeBeinHonestFrankie had a sexy dream about Jonah! She searches for information about him online, but can't find anything because he doesn't really use social media.

Lola and Shay put it in Frankie's mind that people who aren't online have secrets to hide, so she confronts him. She's upset he hasn't tried to contact her since their kiss and is convinced he must be keeping secrets from her. Later, she ends up accepting Winston's invitation to the Snow Ball. In SorryNotSorryFrankie receives flowers at her locker and assumes they're from Winston, and because she's still mad at Jonah she rubs it in his face that she already has a date to the dance.

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However, when she realizes the flowers were actually from Jonah she tells Winston they can't go to the dance or be together. Frankie's hurt when she sees Jonah at the Snow Ball with another girl, plus Lola and Shay still don't understand that Winston wouldn't have made her happy. All three hash out their differences: Shay apologizes for her and Lola pressuring Frankie to date Winston, Lola apologizes for dating Tiny so soon and Frankie apologizes for making it seem like nothing makes her happy, including her friends.

After the lockdown, Frankie confronts Jonah and the two are finally upfront with each other. In SquadGoalsafter Frankie winds up accidentally naked in front of a crowd of students, she vows to prank Northern Tech back. Because Northern Tech's nickname is "The Zoo," Frankie and the team draw them as zoo animals on a banner and deliver it to their school. Shay's livid when she finds out and yells at Frankie.

In TurntUpShay's talking with Frankie about what they're going to say to Northern Tech's Captain, Karaduring their meeting about the banner when Shay learns that Frankie was the one who drew the monkey. Frankie also bails on the meeting because she has to visit Hunter, but Shay promises not to mention Frankie is the one responsible. Shay finally tells Frankie she isn't okay with what Frankie did.

She doesn't say she thinks Frankie's racist, but she believes Frankie needs to own up to what she did. In CheckYourPrivilegein order to smooth things over with Northern Tech, Frankie decides to invite them to Degrassi for a diversity mixer. She divides up everyone by blood type in order to point out that despite how different people are, in the end we're all basically the same.

When Frankie says race doesn't matter and that they should put the banner incident behind them, Kara gets upset. Frankie also admits to the drawing and says that she just made a mistake. However, Kara still says the drawing was racist despite Frankie saying she didn't mean it like that. Frustrated because she's tired of being viewed as the villain, Frankie storms off. Later, as Goldi Nahir explains white privilege to Frankie, they learn people are using Yael Baron 's "High School Secrets" app to call Frankie a racist.

Frankie demands Yael shut down the app, but Yael says it's not the apps fault people are saying those things, and that Frankie should try harder to listen to what other people are saying. That gives Frankie the idea to meet with the girls from Northern Tech at The Dot.

She apologizes for offending them and tells them she didn't realize why their school was called "The Zoo," conversing with them in a hasty manner and leaving before the Northern Tech girls can speak since Degrassi has a volleyball game. When Frankie arrives to the team bus she learns Kara tweeted that Frankie said "I'm sorry for offending you.

Ultimately, Shay starts to believe that Frankie really is racist, and the team leaves for their game without her. In BuyMePizzaFrankie tells Lola that you shouldn't need a dating app when you're in a relationship, and Lola admits she keeps it because she's afraid Tiny will eventually break up with her.

In ThrowbackThursdaywhen Lola gives up fighting for Tiny, Grace tells her that racism is a bigger issue than just Tiny, and that he's treated differently than someone like Frankie.

As Frankie has hope for moving past the gorilla banner incident, she's presented with an opportunity to show people that she's more than just her mistake.

When Maya Matlin loses her voice, Frankie's asked to fill in and perform the school song at the 60th Anniversary Gala with Peter Stone and Sav Bhandari.

However, when she tells them about what she's done they back out because they don't want to look like they support her behavior.

After seeing her face on signs of people protesting racism at the school, Frankie's encouraged by Paige Michalchuk and Spinner Mason 's advice that making mistakes is okay as long as you learn from them, and that Degrassi does give second chances to good people eventually.

During Frankie's song, the protest outside uses spotlights to project messages like "Racism lives here" into the gym during the gala. Embarrassed, Frankie runs off stage as people laugh, and she vows to never return to Degrassi. In ThatAwkwardMomentWhenever since Degrassi's alumni gala, Frankie's avoided going back to school because she's tired of everyone treating her like she's a racist.

She's been lying to her mom by pretending to be sick, but her mom catches her and Jonah half naked by the Hollingsworth pool. When she's forced to go to school and she has to deal with no one wanting to work with her in class, Frankie plans to run away; she and Jonah decide to hide out at a cheap motel.

Frankie falls asleep, but she wakes up to hear Jonah telling his mom that he plans on talking some sense into Frankie.

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When Frankie asks Jonah if he thinks she's racist, he tells her that she isn't trying hard enough to understand how she's hurt people with the racist banner and hurting her family by running away. Frankie decides to take Jonah's car keys and take a drive to blow off steam, but she ends up with a flat tire. Later, she sees a car stop behind her, and when a black man gets out and approaches her car she locks the door.

The man asks Frankie if she needs help and she initially declines, but after thinking about it she decides to accept his offer. Wondering if her reason for locking her doors was because of a subconscious racial bias, Frankie decides that she's going to stop making excuses for what she's done. The episode ends with Frankie listening to a voicemail from Shay despite that the two haven't spoken since Frankie was kicked off the volleyball team, Shay called in to check on Frankie after hearing she'd run away.

In TheseAreMyConfessionsthe volleyball team starts to think they'd be better if they had Frankie back, but Shay thinks the team just needs more practice. After overworking the team at practice and her teammates telling her they don't have the time to commit to all of this extra training, Shay starts to wonder whether or not she should forgive Frankie.

Later, Shay stops by Frankie's house to talk, and Frankie finally apologizes for her racist banner and for becoming defensive when people called her out for it. Frankie also posts an apology for every team in the league to read, and she's allowed back onto Degrassi's volleyball team with the caveat that she'll only be allowed to play only if other teams are okay with it.

In OMFGDegrassi's volleyball team is in the finals against Northern Tech, whose captain, Kara, allows Frankie to place. Frankie calls a timeout, and Shay tells everyone she's tired of giving up what she wants for other people. Shay tells Lola that she obviously still has feelings for Tiny. Lola explains that Shay stole Tiny from her and then tells the class to go to hell. In IWokeUpLikeThisShay and Frankie laugh when Tiny tells everyone that Zig had sex with Esme at school.

Frankie tells Zig that he could get a disease, and Shay asks them what kind of girl would do things like that. Jonah explains that only damaged girls would. Tiny asks Zig how many other guys has Esme done it with in the parking lot, and Shay is grossed out. Zig asks them if it's really that bad. Tiny leaves and wraps his arm around Shay.

Later, Maya throws her phone across the hallway and Frankie grabs it and hands it back to her. Shay asks if Maya is okay. Maya explains that she's not.

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In WorstGiftEverShay is running for track and wonders why Esme is ahead of her. Frankie tells her that it's just practice. Shay says that the track meet is in two days. Frankie tells her to stop stressing because she recently knows that Shay is going to beat her anyway.

Tiny is proud of Shay and asks her to kiss. Shay tells him that she's all sweaty. Tiny says that it doesn't bother him and they kiss. Shay says she needs to stretch. Esme notices that Shay got her period blood on Tiny and calls her out on it.

Shay is embarrassed and checks her pants. Esme asks if anyone else smells a butcher shop. Frankie asks if she forgot to put on a tampon. Shay explains that it must have bleed through. Frankie reassures her that it's not that bad. Shay asks if there's any way she could make this up to Tiny.

Frankie tells her to clean up first and then maybe offer to clean Tiny's pants, then notices that Shay is walking away. Shay tells her that she is going to hide forever. Shay arrives in class and sits next to Tiny and is about to apologize but Tiny tells her that he bought her a gift and tells her to close her eyes. Shay unwillingly closes her eyes and apologizes for ruining his pants.

Tiny tells her that it was no big deal, then takes out her gift and tells her to open her eyes.

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Shay is shocked to see that he bought her tampons and Tiny asks if they're the wrong ones, then takes out another box of them. Shay asks if he's trying to embarrass her. Tiny says that Esme told him that he should.

Shay is surprised that Tiny talked to Esme about her period. Tiny asks if he did something wrong, and Shay says he did and walks away with the tampons. Shay sits down and Esme sits next to her and tells her that now she's really prepared. In the locker room, Shay tells Frankie about what Tiny did.

Frankie is shocked. Shay says she wishes she had died. Frankie tells her that they need to stretch before track practice. Shay explains that she is refused to go. Frankie explains that the meet is tomorrow. Shay says she won't go to that either. Frankie tells Shay that this isn't like her. Shay is worried that she'll have another incident.

Frankie says it doesn't matter because people are recently talking about it anyway. Shay explains that she could've gotten away with it if Esme hadn't said anything.

Frankie explains that Esme is probably one of those girls with perfect small periods. Shay explains that Esme probably gets pampered when she's on her period and Frankie laughs. Shay explains that Esme needs to learn how it feels. In class, Shay puts bloody stuff on Esme's seat and when Esme sits down, she's shocked and asks Shay how much her skirt cost. Shay tells Esme that she embarrassed her. Esme tells her that she's the one embarrassed about having a vagina. The teacher tells Shay to stay after class.

Shay walks up to Esme and Frankie in the locker room and apologizes that she took her self-consciousness out on Esme. Esme explains that her apology almost makes up for ruining her skirt, and hands Shay a box of adult briefs. and says that she needs them. Shay tells Frankie that she guesses that her and Esme are best friends now. Frankie asks if she's going to compete.

Shay says that if she doesn't then Esme will keep doing stuff to her forever, and asks why periods are such a big deal. Frankie says that they're gross. Shay says that they should stop letting periods affect them. Frankie asks how. Shay later wins the track meet with blood all over her legs. Tiny says that he's proud of her and asks about the blood.

Shay tells him that it's paint and Tiny sighs in relief. Shay tells him that she's tired of being grossed out by her body. Tiny apologizes for making her feel disgusted but Shay explains that she did it to herself. Esme asks if it's recently a shark week. Shay explains that she's funny. Tiny says he kind of wants to kiss her right now and Shay laughs. They kiss. In PicsOrItDidntHappenFrankie asks Shay and Lola if guys and girls can be just friends. Shay says yes but Lola says no.

Frankie tells them that's helpful. Lola tells Frankie not to listen to Shay because she was just friends with Tiny until he fell in love with her. Shay explains that Lola is friends with Hunter, Vijay and Baaz.

Lola explains that they don't count because Vijay's gay, Hunter is Frankie's brother, and Baaz is Baaz. Lola says that usually guys get crushes on girls when they're friends. Shay disagrees. Frankie tells them about Jonah freaking out when she tried looking at his texts with Grace, then wonders if they're a good match. In HugeIfTrueShay is laughing at Frankie and Lola's selfie.

Shay asks what Frankie's mother thinks they're doing, and Frankie says she told her that they're working on a project. When Lola leaves the room, Frankie asks Shay is she remembers that Jonah had a play thing and Shay says no.

Frankie explains that it was cancelled so he can come over and asks if that's okay. Shay asks if Tiny can come too since they've been busy all week. Frankie and Shay wonder about Lola. Frankie says that Lola probably won't mind and they laugh. Frankie and Shay get ready and Frankie asks if Shay can see a pimple on her chin.

Shay says she can now that she pointed it out but asks why she's so worried. Frankie explains that things have been good between her and Jonah lately and she wants to have a good night with him. Shay wonders what that has to do with her pimples. Frankie says she might be ready and Shay asks if her and Jonah are going to have sex. Frankie says she's not going to for sure she's just keeping an open mind. Shay says she was just worried about Jonah and Grace not long ago. Frankie explains that was only in her head.

Shay says she shouldn't have sex with someone just because they expect it. Frankie tells her that he's never pressured her and asks if Shay has ever thought about. Shay says she has but never has planned it. Frankie asks if Tiny is okay with that. Shay explains that Tiny is not obsessed with sex. Frankie explains that guys think about it all the time.

Shay asks if all guys do. Frankie walks away when she sees that Jonah's there. Shay walks downstairs and Lola asked why she changed. Frankie brings Jonah in the house. Tiny comes in with Zig, Esme and Grace and greets Shay. Shay asks why his friends are here. Esme tells Shay that it's nice to see her too. Tiny says they're just hanging out. Shay explains that she thought it would just be them.

Tiny says he's sure they can have some alone time later and kisses her. Shay nervously agrees. Esme invites them all over to the couch to have pizza. Shay and the rest of the gang laugh when Esme tells them about the drinking game they're going to play. Esme tells Shay it is her turn after a few rounds. Shay asks them to drink if they have ever fooled around with anyone they weren't in love with. Zig complains when Tiny doesn't take a drink because he knows he has.

Tiny tells Shay not to listen and Shay asks what that was about. Esme explains that things are getting interesting and tells Lola to take her turn.

Lola tells them to drink if they have ever ditched their best friend for their boyfriend who they stole from her anyway, then tells Shay to drink up.

Shay tells them to drink if they have ever dated someone knowing that their best friend like them first. Lola explains that Shay said it was okay. Shay says that Lola's just mad because she's single and Lola denies it. When they play truth or dare instead, Esme dares Tiny to spend seven minutes in heaven with Shay.

Shay says that she's claustrophobic. Esme tells Tiny to do it with Lola instead and Shay tells her no. Tiny explains that isn't a good idea.

Esme asks if Shay trusts Tiny. Grace tells them to knock it off and Shay tells Lola and Tiny to go ahead because it's no big deal. Lola agrees and then takes Tiny. Later, Esme tells Shay that Tiny and Lola only have three and a half minutes left. Grace tells her to hang in there since it's almost over. Shay tells Grace that she's fine but thanks her. Esme says she wouldn't have to worry if she was meeting Tiny's needs.

Also, Esme explains that they both get good grades, but Esme knows how to have fun too. Shay says that it must be so fun being easy. Grace says that was mean. Shay says she's so sick of everyone being so obsessed with sex. Esme says she should leave the adults alone.

Shay leaves and says she's tired of playing these games anyway. When Tiny and Lola leave the closet, they hug, and Shay walks up to them and asks if they kissed. Tiny is confused. Lola says she would never do that to her. Shay explains that maybe Lola will give him what she won't. Lola is offended and leaves. Tiny says he only hugged her because she was upset. Shay apologizes for not being good enough for him. Shay says he drank when Esme asked if he wanted to hook up with her.

Tiny says it's not a crime to want to hook up with his girlfriend. Shay asks if he wants to have sex and tells them that she thought he was different. Tiny asks if she only likes him when he's the perfect science student. Shay says that wanting sex isn't who he is.

Tiny is angry and tells her not to tell him who he is. Tiny leaves and Shay tells him to wait but he doesn't. Shay walks into Frankie's room and asks what happened. Frankie tells her about Jonah and then asks about what happened to her.

Shay tells her and then says that she was right about boys being obsessed with sex. Frankie explains that Jonah isn't apparently. Shay apologizes that Frankie almost died but she's glad that she's not the only one not having sex. Frankie explains that guys are the worst and Shay agrees.

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They then eat chips. The next morning, Lola walks downstairs and tells them that she fell asleep in the guestroom. Shay apologizes for freaking out on her. Lola apologizes for going in the closet with Tiny and says that they never had sex. Shay asks why she drank when Esme asked if they had sex. Lola says that she only said that so Shay would think that her relationship with Tiny was important. Shay laughs and Lola yells at her not to laugh.

Feb 3, - Explore Holly p's board "Christine prosperi" on Pinterest. See more ideas about degrassi, christine, beautiful actresses followers Jun 20, - Explore aylin's board "alicia josipovic." on Pinterest. See more ideas about badass women, degrassi, home photo shoots Clare Diana Edwards is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of She isthe younger sister of former Degrassi student, Darcy Edwards, and the daughter of Randall Edwards and Helen Martin. The latter is married to Glen Martin whose son, Jake Martin, became her stepbrother after the two dated and broke up. She is more lenient in her beliefs than her sister, and can sometimes

Shay says that she was worried about living up to her but if Lola hasn't had sex then none of them have. Frankie says that it's for the best since sex always complicates things anyway. Miles comes downstairs and says that it only does if they let it. Shay is glad that their sleepover wasn't a total disaster.

Frankie hungers pancakes and offers pedicures. Shay thinks that sounds good and asks Lola what she thinks. Lola says it does. In ThatFeelingWhenFrankie walks up to Shay and takes a selfie with her, only to be disappointed by Shay's look. Shay apologizes for being distracted and asks who's attention they want. Frankie says they want Jonah and Tiny's attention so they can see what they're missing and apologize.

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Tiny walks up to them and offers sandwiches. Shay asks if she's heard from Jonah. Frankie says she sent him one text so now he has to text her. Frankie takes another selfie and Shay asks what the selfies are for.

Frankie says they're to get his attention and asks what she thinks. Shay is confused and Frankie asks her if she can come over and help her take photos.

Tiny coughs and Shay says they have plans. Frankie explains that she can't double text him so she can only take selfies, and then asks if she can join her and Tiny's plans.

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Shay explains that is fine. Later, Frankie is frustrated over Jonah still and tells Shay to look at her phone but Shay is busy with Tiny. Tiny explains that he won the game and Shay says she'll win next time. Frankie sees that Jonah posted a photo and Shay asks if it's a tower of milk creamers. Frankie explains that building creamers is her and Jonah's think and asks how could he do that to her.

Tiny asks why he can't go out for coffee without her. Frankie decides to go to The Dot and Tiny asks if Shay's really going to go too. Shay says that she's learned not to argue. When Frankie gets to The Dot, she sees that Jonah is only working on the play. Shay asks if they can go now, but Frankie says she's going to go say hi.

In class, Frankie asks Shay and Lola how long before someone feels secure in a relationship. Lola says a day but Shay says a year. Frankie asks if she's a crazy girlfriend. Frankie is worried by their reactions and asks if she's really that bad, and Shay explains that she loses herself when she's in a relationship. Also, Lola explains that she gets super clingy. Shay explains that Frankie's existence revolves around the guy she's dating sometimes. Lola explains that she also gets really jealous.

Then Shay explains that she puts too much pressure on her relationship to be everything. Frankie gets offended. Frankie gets upset and wonders if she has a issue. Shay explains that they just want her to be happy. Lola says that it seems like being with Jonah stresses her out. Frankie says she loves him a lot but she doesn't want to be like this. Shay explains that if Jonah was really right for her then she wouldn't be.

Shay and Lola hug Frankie. In the bathroom, Lola asks Frankie if her and Jonah are going to date other people. Shay asks if she's going to even have contact with Jonah. Frankie explains that they didn't go over that but it doesn't matter because she's just focused on making herself happy right now.

Lola explains that Frankie was taking her birth control pills wrong, and Frankie looks at Shay but Shay says she doesn't know. Frankie explains that it's the other way around, then realizes that Lola had sex. In IRegretNothingLola is taking her pregnancy test, and Shay is giving her directions. Frankie tells Shay that the person Lola had sex with is probably embarrassing, and Shay thinks it's Baaz.

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Frankie says it's not Tiny and Shay says she knows. Lola asks how much longer it will take and Shay says only a minute. Lola explains that after this she'll go on with her life and Shay says unless it's positive.

Frankie tells her to be quiet and asks her what people would think. Shay says she would die if she got pregnant. Lola tries to change the subject by asking if they're done with their history project. Frankie and Shay hug Lola. Frankie is glad that Lola isn't pregnant and Shay says that they should get to class now. Lola tells them that she needs a minute, then Frankie and Shay leave.

Frankie and Shay find Lola crying in the bathroom later and Lola asks if everyone is talking about her. Shay tells her not to worry because they'll clear up the abortion rumors for her. Frankie explains that she was only seeing her options. Shay agrees and explains that it's not like Lola really had an abortion. Lola asks if that would be a reason to be ashamed.

Degrassi Season 13 - Blooper Reel

Frankie says it's not but it's kind of a big deal, and Shay agrees. Frankie asks why Lola is so upset because they're only trying to be supportive. Later, when Frankie and Shay find out that Lola did get an abortion, Frankie tells Lola that they would've supported her.

Shay explains that she is unsure of what she'd really do if she was pregnant. Frankie agrees, and tells Lola that she's very brave and that they should go out to celebrate. The group laughs. Lola says she would like that and Shay asks if they can get ice cream.

Lola tells her no. Frankie tells Miles about Lola's abortion and Shay yells at Frankie. Frankie tells her that the whole point of the video was to own it. Shay walks off with Frankie and Lola. In GetMoneyLola tells Shay that Frankie is a horse. Shay asks why. Lola explains that everyone's face is either a bird, a horse or a muffin and she's a muffin. Frankie walks up to them and asks what's going on. Shay says she thinks Lola's having a stroke.

The guidance councilor walks up to them and asks to speak to Frankie. The guidance councilor only does a check up on Frankie, then Frankie walks back to the group and Shay asks what that was about. Frankie explains that she's at high risk because of the stuff they put online. Shay says that the councilor might have a point because Frankie's posts have gotten really depressing and laughs. Frankie says that she's going through a break up so she's obviously a bit sad. Lola tells Frankie that that's why she's not winning the break up and Shay asks why.

Lola says that Frankie has to show Jonah what he's missing. Lola shows Frankie and Shay her Hastygram and asks if they could tell that Tiny dumped her. Shay explains that Lola looks great in all of her photos. Lola smirks. Later, Mr. Armstrong is helping Shay and the other girls train. Shay explains that she needs to get faster to get into college. Armstrong explains that girls often slow down for a year or two while their bodies change.

Shay explains that she doesn't have time and asks if there's anything she can do to speed up. Armstrong explains that some athletes use supplements but they're expensive and Shay asks how much they are.

Armstrong says it's in the hundreds and that if she keeps working hard she'll get better. Tiny walks up to Shay and tells her that if he had the money he'd give it to her. Shay explains that she's definitely not going to get into a college next year now.

Tiny asks what they're going to do and Shay says she has to get a job. Tiny puts his arm around her and asks about training. Shay says that she'll sleep when she gets a track scholarship. In class, Frankie is asking her friends to come with her to a drumming circle and Shay asks why. Lola says it sounds smelly. Frankie says it'll be fun and they're the ones who told her that she needs to take happy photos to win the break up. Shay says that that's not a healthy way to think about it, but she can't anyway because she has to train.

Lola says she has to hire someone to work at the Cantina. Shay asks if she's really hiring. Shay asks if she could have the job and Lola asks if she really wants to. Shay says that she needs the money and Lola tells her to come by later.

At the Cantina, Lola tells Shay to stack the plates on her arms. Shay asks if she has to really carry all of them. Lola says the world record is thirty. Shay tries grabbing the plates but drops one and apologizes. Lola thanks Saad for cleaning up the mess. Saad says that he had a similar job back home, and Shay asks Lola what he's doing there.

Lola says that he's trying out for the job too. Shay says that Lola can't hire him because he punched Zig. Lola says that if Shay can carry plates properly then she won't have to. Shay says she'll try but she really needs the job.

Lola says she'll talk to her father and walks away. Lola tells Shay that she got better at the end of the job. Lola gives Shay money and she runs off with it. Saad tells Lola that's he's alright when she gets worried about him and Shay tells Tiny that she's going to tip better next time she's at a restaurant. Tiny sees Saad and tells Shay he'll be right back. At practice, Tiny walks up to Shay and asks if she's gotten better. Shay explains that she hasn't and that she needs to find a way to pay for the supplements.

Tiny asks about the money Lola paid her. Shay explains that it wasn't nearly enough. Tiny looks nervous and Shay asks her what's wrong.

Tiny says that Lola gave Saad the job. Shay is upset. Shay's mother comes in and asks why Shay is taking so long. Shay apologizes. Tiny greets her mom and ask how work was. Shay's mother explains that it's been a long day.

Tiny says he'll see her tomorrow. Shay asks her mother about how she needs to be the fastest runner in school to get a good scholarships and her mother says yes. Shay tells her about the supplements. Shay's mother apologizes and says they can't afford it. Shay says she needs to get faster and this is her only chance. Shay's mother explains that she has to train. Shay explains that she trains more than anyone else but there's no point because puberty messed it up.

At another practice when Zoe tells the girls of Degrassi Nudes, Shay expresses her concern of them getting caught, but eventually agrees to take part in the service. Shay, Lola, and Zoe walking in the halls. In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Shay, Lola, and Zoe run through the halls laughing about Zig's arm-wrestling loss to Grace. In There's Your Trouble, Shay agrees with the other Check out this playlist filled with the sexy stars of Degrassi. Where are they now? They're right here! Start with Miriam McDonald baring breasts and continue with Nina Dobrev stripping to her skivvies, Anais Granofsky running fully nude, Keke Palmer looking hot in a sexy outfit, Ruth Marshall 's boobs, Jennifer Gibson showing her jugs in a sex Zoe Rivas is a graduate of Degrassi Community School and valedictorian of the Class of She is fierce and fashion-forward. She is a former television star best known for her role as Gatsby Garcia on West Drivebefore her character was killed off following getting herself fired because she was a drug addict. Intent on a fresh start, Zoe was nervous on learning to be a normal teenage girl

Shay's mother yells at her. Shay explained that she told her that if she worked harder than everyone else she could get whatever she wanted but she was wrong. Shay's mother explained that she wishes she could help her out, but she's sure she'll find another way. Shay is mad at Lola because she hired Saad and didn't tell her.

Lola explains that she was scared that she would be mad. Shay says she is mad because Lola knew she needed the money. Lola says she can't give her a job she's not good at. Shay explains that she can't give it to Saad either because he punched Zig.

Lola says that Zig broke his camera first. Shay asks if that makes it okay. Lola says it doesn't but offers to help Shay find a job she is good at. Shay takes money out of the tip jar when Lola is away and walks off. Shay later sits at a bench and thinks about ordering the supplements. Shay goes back to Lola's Cantina and puts the money back in the jar instead. Lola catches her and is surprised. Shay doesn't know what to say and Lola is mad at her for stealing money.

Shay says that she did steal it. Lola says that she fired Saad because she thought he took it and now everyone's going to think she's a racist employer. Lola asks why she would do that. Shay says she needs the supplements because she needs to get scouted.

Lola says she's lucky she loves Shay.

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