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  Letitia Winter whose stage name is Fay Presto is known as a Female Illusionists who is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle. She is well known for creating a brand new genre in the close-up magic scene where she took her magic to restaurants and small bars as kokaneebeach.com she outstandingly won the title of The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year In she was   These Nude Magicians Have Nothing Up Their Sleeve Mike: I had a female volunteer from the audience who was tying me up and she'd obviously had a few too many drinks   Legend Dusty Summers "The Nude Magician" - Icons & All-Stars Showcase. For more information about Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, visit kokaneebeach.com For information about the Burlesque Hall of Fame museum in Las Vegas, NV, please visit kokaneebeach.com Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in HD. Join kokaneebeach.com: Burlesque Hall of Fame

Action, fantasy lands and flashy superpowers - certainly. Connect with us. Continue Reading.

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Walk around aka Strolling Magic is the most popular request. This type of show is up close and very personable that people can enjoy as the magic happens in their own hands!

Relax. This is America's sexiest magician we are watching and when Maria does a card trick you will regret it if you miss it. Cutting A Woman in Half. This is far from the old standard of sawing a woman in half. But we can't leave her nude so Maria places the red ribbon into the box with her Female Magician, Kat Hudson. Close up magician/Table magician. One of the most entertaining and glamorous magicians in the UK for parties, corporate events, weddings. Hire for London, Hertfordshire, Midlands and all of UK Miss Katalin is a multi-award winning illusionist, performer and sleight-of-hand artist. She won the "Magician of the Year" award in her home country (Hungary), the "Cabaret Magician of The Year" award in America, and was selected as one of the top magicians in Vegas of ! My Story

This two hour performance is the perfect choice for private events and company meetings, brunches or evenings. Often combined with the Parlour show.

The Parlour Stand Up show doesn't require large stage settings, but it is visual and can be enjoyed by people at once.


These type of appearances are requested for company special events, and often combined with the " Up Close " walk around magic show. A Parlour show can be created for children as well, and it is flexible to enjoy in or outdoors!

Magical Katrina Award Winning Female Magician Los Angeles Magician. Scroll. Award-winning female Magician in LoS Angeles. Magician offering Magic Shows, strolling magic, and magic classes. "Katrina is a pro. I've worked on stage with her, improvising magic in Misty Lee has appeared on television (NBC's 1 st Look, DC Daily, Penn and Teller's Fool Us, The Dog Whisperer), in comic books (The Spirit, Madame Mirage) and is a frequent performer at Hollywood's Magic Castle. She was the subject of Vice/Broadly's mini-documentary 'A Day With The Magician'. As a magic consultant, Lee has designed custom illusions for high-end clients like LA   I wasn't sure whether this video, featuring comedian Ursula Martinez, was a little too racy for Web TV Hub. But then I figured that at least our male readers would love a female comedian who nudes up, so here she is. Ursula Martinez has built her act around the oldest trick in the book: the [ ]Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs

Visual props and large scale illusions are often the favorite of bigger company events, and can be combined with the product, logo, image or even magic with the CEO! A minute is often best for these type of shows, but can also be requested for a quick, special effect as the opening or the closing of the ceremony. Special appearances and consultations are best for TV shows, commercials, movies and for special effect creations.

Closely working together with the producers, each performance is crafted specifically for the project in mind!

Female nude magician

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  Meet the year-old female magician (who's usually mistaken for a glamorous assistant) Megan Knowles-Bacon, 22, is the only female magician   Married or no, its difficult for me to look PAST a woman in the nude. Of course, it doesn't help that at the end of the act she appears to pull a hanky out of her vagina. Its ironic though, that not too long ago a woman was stripped searched when she flew to Canada because apparently the authorities believed she was smuggling endangered fowl   Meet the year-old female magician (who's usually mistaken for a glamorous assistant) Megan Knowles-Bacon, 22, is the only female magician Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins

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